Dec 28, 2007

A Course in Humility?

Ever experience a day where you just know something is going to go wrong? Not wrong in the manner that things don't go the way you desire them to, but wrong in the manner that something bad is going to happen, and it just gets worse. That's a slight hint of how it felt this morning. The twist? It was as if everything was gonna be just fine, then the comfort is shattered by the thought of it being way too good to be true.

Today was an exception to the rule, be prepared for anything. Being a fast-food manager you tend to think on the fly, and sometimes react in ways you had no idea you were capable. There is also a laundry list of things that I could rattle off that would attribute to what went wrong, but I'd rather focus on what went right.

At approximately 10:45 this morning the crew at work were preparing for the lunch rush. There was instruction from the store supervisor to check the plug on one of the grill units that were malfunctioning before spending the money on a service call. Well, doing this was just not a smart decision amidst all the chaos of switching from breakfast to lunch and dealing with all the other intangibles that were beginning to accumulate. Somewhere in all that confusion, the supervisor's decision resulted in the breaking of a "gas connector" in the back of the grill. I smelled gas in the front of the store service area and went to see if I could "assist" in remedying the problem. As I reconnected the gas hose and assured it was properly fastened, I turned the gas back on and flipped the switch on the grill.

Well, you may have guessed by now, but if you haven't, the excess gas ignited. As I was lying on my side with my head and arm underneath said grill unit a humongous fireball careened down the back of the grill, rushed underneath it, and just merely flirted with my face and skin. The moment I seen and felt the heat and flame rush toward me I somehow managed to accept it for what it was, and didn't sense any real imminent threat. In that split second of insanity as the flames retreated away from my face and back up the rear of the grill, I rolled out from underneath looked up at the crew and told everyone to immediately vacate. I don't think I've ever seen my crew move that fast. That was amazing. Everyone got out safely and the emergency fire suppression system functioned as it was supposed to.

The irony in all of this is the mere idea that when people in a drive-thru witness the store's crew running out of it, they sit there waiting for their food. Some of them, even when told to hurry and leave resorted to asking "why". I'm not sure if the panicked tone in my voice conveyed the necessity of urgency or not, but they sure didn't get it. When the fire and police arrived on scene and made sure all was alright we gathered in the parking lot to await clearance from the fire Marshall to re-enter the building. Customers continued to pull into the parking lot and to the drive-thru despite the two firetrucks, three squad cars, and an ambulance. The best part is that they kept asking me as I sat at the driveway instructing them to keep moving if we were open.

Nevertheless, the lack of concern by the upper management, the half-hearted apology by the owner, and the neglected maintenance and upkeep of the store are all issues that kind of added injury to insult. A few straggling customers asked if we were ok, but generally, everyone cared more about their big macs and French-fries more than whether the store was on fire or not. Let alone whether the crew were all o.k..

I find the comment "It's a miracle" by all those who count my lack of injury good fortune slightly humorous. But its assuring to know that it really isn't a miracle at all. Is it? His vast mercy and Grace shown to those whom He knows are His is the miracle. Jesus Christ was merely doing what He does everyday. The thought that if I were to die on the floor this morning was not troubling at all. I actually cracked a smile a majority of the time I pondered it. While slightly shaken and angered at the injustice of my "employer" and their policies, I count it joy to be in Christ Jesus and that I would've gone home to glory.

This whole experience really causes me to reflect on the notion that mankind is completely ignorant and blinded by his own sin and rebelliousness. We can observe anything when involves the end result of our own treatment or pleasure being affected, but when it comes to the observation of the true nature of this world system and the nature of its evil they turn a blind eye to it. If hindsight is 20/20 and we can only see truth when we look upon it in the past tense, then I rejoice in the truth of the Lord's word. He has eradicated any tense being placed upon His truth as it is eternal. He has revealed the truth needed to free mankind from his self-made prison and reveal the true love and knowledge of reconciliation with our creator. A flaming fire-ball to the face has nothing on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ! PRAISE HIM!

I am humbled by His majesty and His mercy. Today could've been it for me. Not too often do you come face to face with something so destructive and inhuman as this and walk away with true knowledge of its purpose. The Lord is glorified in all things, and in all things, I seek to give Him what is due Him. Today I will heed this lesson. I thank Him for it. Pray for those who are blind to the truth in Christ Jesus today. Pray they understand the truth in Him revealed through creation and His word.

And remember,

(Rom 1:20) For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

They have been given the warning, the truth, and the necessary information to draw a conclusion. The question really is, do they really hear it?

Dec 25, 2007

My Sovereign Lord

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Almighty God,

Thank You for the redemption of those whom you have known before the foundations of the earth. Thank you for remembering me, that day, that hour, that moment you shattered the hardness of my heart and gave me faith to repent and trust you as my Lord! My Lord and my God. Thank you doesn't describe the grace and mercy you have shown someone as undeserving as I. To see my life in light of the life you have provided causes me to shudder at the thought that you could even begin to Love me. My works and deeds of a past life rendered useless to my redemption but encompassed in the work of your hands wrought out in the plan for my salvation.

Can I ever begin to dishonor you of with such a thought that I could repay such a debt. What a burden it would be to attempt to give back something so vast and wide as your mercy. Should it be that I may even fall short in thinking I could ever ponder such a feeble, unrealistic thought?

Lord. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for your mercy.

I would like to add, that although I love my family very much, I can't help but resist the sick feeling in my stomach when I witness the children consumed with greed, selfishness, conceit, hostility, and a total lack of understanding and teaching of what Christmas means. Thank you america for creating a nation of monsters, but ever so slightly reinforcing the truths of scripture and the truth that we are all completely and utterly wicked and depraved. I need not include much more detail as I'm sure many of you reading this have witnessed the stubborn, disobedient, and repulsive nature of a child that isn't getting their way and have resolved to viewing a spectacle created and nurtured by parents of a materialistic, godless, consumer holiday called Xmas. And if that description offends you, I'm sorry, holidays.

Because here is what Christmas is really about...

Luk 2:8-14
And in the same region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with fear.
And the angel said to them, "Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger."
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!"

While this may be a repetitive citation of a neglected passage, let me remind you this....

(Rom 1:16) For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.


Dec 16, 2007

Quick Thought: Snow

(after being pounded by a huge snowstorm, the mid-west is buried. The news is full of tragedy, shoveling tips, and plenty of empathy for those who are snowed in)

When I suited up this morning, donned my snowsuit, gloves, beanie, and boots I joyfully trudged out the door and off the porch. In the past my reaction was always, "MAN SNOW! RATS!" Now as I stood knee deep in wet, white, snow drifts, I was able to crack a huge smile and rejoice in knowing the Lord is sovereign. Even amidst the dangerous inconveniences and mayhem that snow brings, I can't help but observe that the reason our reaction and ability to adapt to so much snow falling and creating catastrophe is always with much reluctance because we have created so many things to suit ourselves in the environment instead suiting ourselves to the environment. We've created a society based on industrialization, mass production, and abuse of the natural environment that occurs around us. This society in turn requires an abnormal amount of change to occur in the areas we settle in that when the snow does fall, it's a major disaster because it does what? It impedes our comings and goings. The pace of our lifestyles are all but halted, panic sets in, and sometimes, the power goes out. Then what? Rely on what? Watch what TV? Surf what internet? Now something that is ever so natural, part of the earth and it's age old cycle of weather, and an occurrence we can do absolutely nothing about becomes chaos. The finger is pointed at global warming, or the effect humans have on the ecosystem and their "carbon footprints" or whatever they are called.

Maybe, just maybe, we can stop and think that the reason disasters are so disastrous is because they inconvenience us and slow us down. The big picture is the halting of human progress and his ever obvious desire for conquest and power. Either way, I look at the snow, and I see His Glory manifest in the earth. In joy, sorrow, strife, pain, happiness, or misery His Glory. It is all His, and the earth is filled with it.


Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all has taken place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. "But watch yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a trap. For it will come upon all who dwell on the face of the whole earth.
(Luk 21:32-35)(ESV)

P.s. Michigan is the Winter Wonderland right?

(photo is credit of: Dan Lassiter, AP/The Janesville Gazette)

Dec 7, 2007

The Paradigm of Christian Living

John 15:18-20 says,

18 "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 20 Remember the words I spoke to you: 'No servant is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.

Can we rightfully examine ourselves against these scriptures? Is it possible that our minds tell us we do not have to adhere to this because it is entirely too difficult to be a Christian in today’s society? Can we imagine what it must have been like to walk with Jesus himself and be a light in a dark world? Do we speak of righteousness, love, and Christian living to the extent that we are mocked, scoffed, and sometimes even threatened for the things we stand for? Have you ever experienced co-workers, family, friends, or strangers avoiding you purposely because of the light you do shine? If this is not outwardly and inwardly a characteristic of your Christian walk, we must ask if we are Christian or a Hypocrite.

I John 2:15-17

15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For everything in the world—the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does—comes not from the Father but from the world. 17 The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

What causes Christian living to become even more difficult than persecution? Let’s reflect on the aspect that non-believers, the lost, unsaved, and other pagan religions are constantly casting their eyes upon us to watch us fall. What are some of the most efficient ways to make us fall in this world? Being of the world, loving our materialistic possessions, bank accounts, self-righteousness, ego, pride, and participating in the God-less culture of our nation is condemned by violating the Second Commandment.

Exodus 20:4-6 4 "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand {generations} of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Worldly desires, thoughts, and living are indicative of either the narrow path or the broad path. Satan delights in the ease of steering believers off the path to the Kingdom. How is it that we can allow such trivial, minor things to consume our social patterns, habits, and language to the extent of eradicating the light within? Is serving the Father too painstaking? Is it shameful to proclaim the Gospel to the world? Is it too difficult to trade in the old life for the new? Is it not that being born again brings about new life, desires, and a clean, pure heart? If we are not walking in the ways of the Lord but of the world than we must examine ourselves against the scripture and we must dedicate our lives to the Lord.

Philippians 2:12-18

12 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; 13 for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.
14 Do all things without complaining and disputing, 15 that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, 16 holding fast the word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain or labored in vain. 17 Yes, and if I am being poured out as a drink offering on the sacrifice and service of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with you all. 18 For the same reason you also be glad and rejoice with me.

He laid down his life so that we may have everlasting life. Does the Lord not deserve every soul for which he gave his life on the cross for? Is your soul one of those souls? Are you like Jesus and accused of being a friend to sinners? We are called to share the love gift of Jesus Christ, not withhold it treasure it as if it were a secret only we know. Jesus Christ proved his love for us by dying on the cross 2000 years ago. We can prove our love for him by taking the Gospel to the world. We must bare our cross and die to self, the world, and our life must be resurrected with the Savior and reflect his light upon the world.

John 12:25

25 The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

In conclusion I urge you to look in the mirror of the Lord. Does your reflection shine back his grace and love? Or does it reflect an outward appearance of faith that contains an inward reflection of disbelief?

I John 2:28-29

28 And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming. 29 If you know that he is righteous, you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of him.

Dec 5, 2007

December Giveaway from

December DVD Giveaway

This is going to be the last of the “Great Giveaways” for 2007. Over the past four months I’ve been able to give away books, Bibles, CDs and all sorts of good things. We’ll be closing out the year on a high note here, with giving away the Modern Parables DVD set.

The Sponsor

modern_parables.jpgThis month’s sponsor is Modern Parables. Modern Parables is “an original Bible study curriculum designed for people who like movies. It is the first in a planned series of film-driven studies on the parables. The films are uniquely designed to parallel the original parable and thereby drive the viewer back toward the Biblical text. The 12-lesson study (with 6 additional lessons on cinema and theology) uses short dramatic films that explain Jesus’ parables using the particular strength of the cinematic medium. In other words, just watching the films helps teach the historical, grammatical, contextual and interpretive elements in the parables.”

Earlier this month I posted a review of their DVDs (read it here) and concluded “I’m grateful for this series of films, a series which I learned about only recently. I am thrilled to know that it is only the first in what is intended to be a set. I’m going to watch these films often and am certain I’ll enjoy watching them again with my children. I hope I will other opportunities to use them. And I’ll wait impatiently for Volume II.”

Here is just one of the previews for the series of films:

This series is ideal for Sunday School classes, Youth Groups, Small Group Bible Studies, Community Outreach/Evangelism, Middle and High School Bible Classes and Home School Curriculum.

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The Prizes

  • First prize: Modern Parables box set which includes all the DVDs, a member book and a leader book, six movie posters (one for each parable…posters measure 11”x17”) and ten student books (a value of over $250!).
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  • Third Prize: Modern Parables box set.

Small Print

As with previous giveaways, you can increase your chances of winning by referring others. Details and other smallish print is available in the contest area. I recommend you read it. Last time a potential winner forfeited the prize because he did not join the mailing list!

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Nov 28, 2007

New Paul Washer Compilation

Here is a new compilation of a sermon preached by Paul Washer called "The Judgment of God and the Great White Throne". This is only my second attempt at the compilation thing so let me know what you think! You can Right-Click and Save this File (the highlighted "link word") or Click it and play it online, Here is the LINK!

Nov 26, 2007

Obscene Display?

I find it a slight bit ridiculous, and rarely will comment on these kinds of things, but this one really pushed my buttons. There was a recent arrest in the gentle state of Georgia regarding a pro-life truck displaying pictures of an aborted fetus. The truck was vandalized and impounded by police as well as deemed inappropriate, vulgar, and obscene. My question is this, how in the world do we minimize the loss of life so much so that an advertisement for a strip club with half-naked women, implied murder scenes for the next gore flick, and a borderline pornographic billboard for Grand Theft Auto have greater decency than that of one depicting the reality (as opposed to created fantasy) of our culture? Could someone please tell me which direction truthville is? I suppose the greatest question I would ask of those who label this kind of display as vulgar and obscene (granted they are pro-abortion) would be this, "Why do you find something that you say is perfectly alright to be upsetting and obscene to view? Please Read More Below for the Press Release. Georgia Cops Impound Anti-Abortion Billboard Truck, Jail Driver
Police action an egregious abuse of power

ATLANTA, Nov. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bob Roethlisberger was arrested and jailed over Thanksgiving weekend in a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, on the charge of "Disorderly Conduct" for driving Operation Rescue's Truth Truck bearing signs with photos of aborted babies. The Truth Truck was impounded.

Gwinnett County Police Department officers arrested Roethlisberger Saturday after telling him that signage on the Truth Truck was "vulgar and obscene." Officers ransacked the back of the Truth Truck without a warrant and ordered Roethlisberger to change or remove the signs. When he refused, he was arrested and incarcerated for three days before being released on $1,000 bond.
Photo: Operation Rescue's Truth Truck

The Truth Truck was released from impound late Monday, however the both the signs and the mounting hardware on the truck were damaged when police forcibly ripped the signs off the sides of the truck. Monetary damage to the property is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars.

"It is obvious that these police officers, under the direction of Major Thomas Bardugon, engaged in a serious incident of unconstitutional content-based discrimination and illegal destruction of property," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "Bob fully cooperated with officers, but refused to compromise on his message, which is unequivocally protected by the First Amendment. The officers misused their authority to punish Bob for expressing a viewpoint that ran counter to theirs. The arrest was nothing less than an egregious abuse of power."

Newman discussed the matter with Major Bardugon who refused to drop the charges and threatened to arrest Newman if he drove the Truth Truck through Bardugon's jurisdiction.

The Truth Truck was in Georgia because a recently introduced Human Life Amendment that is scheduled to be considered by the State Legislature in January. The Truth Truck's mission was to help draw the attention of Georgians to the reality that abortion brutally takes an innocent human life, and emphasize the need to ban the grisly procedure.

Operation Rescue manages a fleet of Truth Trucks that have traveled tens of thousands of miles from coast to coast over the past seven years. The right to display those images has been upheld in courts across the nation, which have also ruled that obscenity laws do not apply to aborted baby images.

"We intend to vigorously fight these unjust charges and will seek a remedy for our property loss," said Newman. "We cannot allow the illegal use of police authority to bully us into silence, when such silence could cost innocent human lives."

Please contact the Gwinnett County Police Chief and ask for:

* The immediate dismissal of charges against Roethlisberger
* The immediate reimbursement for damages to the Truth Truck
* An apology

Chief of Police Charles M. Walters

Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation. Operation Rescue recently made headlines when it bought and closed an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas and has become the voice of the pro-life activist movement in America. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to restore legal personhood to the pre-born and stop abortion in obedience to biblical mandates.

Christian Newswire

Nov 24, 2007

Cures the Gov't don't want you to know about...

As promised, albeit a few days later than presumed...

I was in front of my house finishing up some cuts on the new laminate flooring I've been installing for my mother. While I was cutting a man approached me with a smile and a warm welcome. He asked if I were a carpenter and how things were coming along. I told him I was not, and that I was merely a hack, hacking my way through a project I was hoping would look good in the end! Nevertheless, our conversation swung from his greeting to his sales pitch. He brought out a clipboard from along his side and I could easily notice a long list of incurable diseases and afflictions well known to mankind. Some of the names on the list were AIDS and Muscular Sclerosis. He asked me if I head of a book called "Cures 'they' don't want you to know about". I told him I had, and I even was familiar with the author "Kevin Trudeau". This was a nice little segue for him to swing from his greeting to asking me about natural supplements, vitamin drinks/bars, and other assorted "organic" healing items/novelties. He told me that he had a friend who had begun drinking this "powdered drink" eight months ago. His friend suffered from muscular sclerosis, and now that he has been drinking this he has gone from being wheelchair bound to walking.

This baffled me a bit and immediately I began doubting every word that followed from his mouth. However, I eventually was able to speak and began to tell him about my dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. I also informed him that if it were for me to be afflicted, than so be it, and if it were for me to be healed, than so be it. He made a comment while I was speaking at one point the the Lord doesn't want us to suffer, and laughed off my dialogue about the sufferings of living the "Christian life" and the falsehoods the world teaches about being a believer. The principles I laid out for him were that of our necessity to be dependent upon Christ, the sufferings of the Apostle Paul, and that the Christian life is your best life "LATER" not "NOW". He made reference to the coming Kingdom before we parted ways and I began to put the pieces together that this man was a Jehovah's Witness. He did not challenge or attempt to evangelize me and told me that he appreciated my fine articulation and admonishment of scriptural knowledge. I told him it isn't me, it IS the scripture. He went on to knock on my neighbor's door and left without ever having disclosed his "other" door knocking persona. I told him to come and see me next time "they" are in the neighborhood.

I'm not sure if he will ever come knocking again, but I plan to email him for further discussion. Please pray for this man and all those who are being led astray by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

Nov 20, 2007

JW's and Cures the Government Don't Want You To Know About... Part 1

Stay tuned, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday, I have an interesting story to share with you about an encounter with a salesman. Only this salesman was a Jehovah's Witness (undisclosed of course) selling cures for AIDS, Muscular Sclerosis, and numerous other "incurable" diseases.

More Later....

Nov 7, 2007

The Believers New Clothes!

Today in study I looked at Romans and Colossians. The idea of these two passages is profound to those who believe that the Lord is their Shepherd, and that once you have heard His voice, you forever shall know it. Often the problem arises when some would say that you can forget the sound of His voice. Worse yet, He may even forget that you were ever His in the first place. I cannot seem to reconcile this to the Holy Scriptures that contain the glorious gospel of our Lord. That being said, I would encourage you to look at Romans 6:1-23 and Colossians 3:1-11. Note the implicit nature of these two passages. On one hand you have the Apostle Paul speaking to the Roman Church and encouraging them to be obedient to righteousness and disregard the notion of the Lord's grace being a license to sin! He pleads with them to remember that their struggle is certain but the grace of the Lord is powerful enough to overcome and break the chains of the flesh that cause us to struggle. We are then further encouraged in Colossians to put off the old self and put on the new, for if we have died to self and died with Christ we arise with him in newness of life and righteousness. This process of renewal is ongoing and continual, the Lord shall make us to be like Him and we are willfully enslaved to His service in His Courts and with the power of His righteousness!

-Oh Merciful Lord thank you for bearing the wrath due us and giving us the gift of Your righteousness to perfect us until the perfect is final!

November 7th
In His Steps (Charles H. Spurgeon)
GOD makes no difference in His love to His children. A child is a child to Him; He will not make him a hired servant; but he shall feast on upon the fatted calf, and shall have the music and the dancing as much as if he had never gone astray. No chains are worn in the court of King Jesus. Our admission into full priveleges may be gradual, but it is sure. Perhaps our reader is saying, "I wish I could enjoy the promises, and walk at liberty in my Lord's commands." "If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest." Loose the chains of thy neck, O captive daughter, for Jesus makes thee free.

Nov 4, 2007

In His Steps - With Charles Spurgeon

It's been a busy, busy week. Working and going to school full-time on both ends is very trying. Patience can become a very rare commodity in the fast food biz, and sometimes people just flat-out don't like middle level management. It is quite alright though, as I remember this, "Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do..." (I COR 10:31-33) I serve Christ, and I am to preach Him crucified. Sometimes I'm not the best example of the stereotyped persona those who don't want to know Him place upon believers who profess Christ, and unfortunately those who profess Him and don't know Him further the bad example.....Is that a catch 22? Not sure. Anyway, here's what I wanted to post, so have a good day, and remember to live for Christ in all things.

November 4th
"If we walk in the light, as he is in the light." -1 John 17
AS he is in the light! Can we ever attain to this? Shall we ever be able to walk as clearly in the light as he is whom we call "Our Father," of whom it is written, "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all?" Certainly, this is the model which is set before us, for the Saviour himself said, "Be ye perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect;" and although we may feel we can never rival the perfection of God, yet we are to seek after it, and never be satisfied until we attain to it.

-Charles Spurgeon

(Do those who scoff and ridicule our struggle and perseverance to overcome the flesh really notice the battles that have been won or do they just look for fodder to load their cannons and further anesthetize their conscience from accountability to God?)

Oct 28, 2007

New Perspective and Hope

The idea that no news is good news is not always entirely accurate. But, that would depend on your perspective of news. This weeks news? There isn't a whole lot, at least by way of which I feel like writing about right now. There is some good news pertaining to a couple we have been ministering to regularly. They have been homeless, scared of separating, and fearing the future of their relationship together and a baby on the way. This individual was one that I had once attended school with (small world?) and we remembered some things from our past. I then gave him my testimony of my experience in the streets and the deliverance given by the Lord Jesus (irony?). He has recently been put into a situation where he has to face his past and deal with his issues in order to clear what keeps him from making progress (suggested in our discussions?) and the mother of his child is now staying somewhere safe and warm that is not in the streets. While these are only temporary means, they are not the ends to the situation. This news brought tears to my eyes as I learned that the only possession our friend wanted to take with him as he left his child's mother was his Bible. This is good news the we can rejoice and pray over! Please lift this up that the Lord has begun a good and perfect work in their lives and is leading them toward repentance and faith in him to save them from their sin.

I would also like to present to you a ministry that presents a new name to an old approach. This ministry has greatly encouraged, helped, and illuminated some things for me this past week and I would exhort you to listen to their recent conference messages from earlier this year. They also maintain a blog called New Attitude that has helpful and edifying posts each week, they also offer links to the abundant free messages, music, and resources available at Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Oct 23, 2007

This Church was Just Right...

I made an attempt to draw a parallel between the story of Goldilocks and man's desire to get what he wants from a God who has given what he needs. The issue is that man doesn't want it on God's terms, but his own.

I was sitting and pondering things just as I usually do, and in the course of one of the million thoughts speeding through my mind one in particular jumped out. It was a reminder of a story that most of us have heard in some form or another. It is a story that enforces the moral of “respecting other people’s privacy”. Just as with other things, we can make this relevant to a lot of different things, take it for what it is, or challenge it. We can readily apply it to something that is happening today. Right underneath our own noses the enemy plays his game. While the enemy is playing some of us are sleeping. Some of us, who call ourselves Christian, may not even be. We have just found a way to make this story end the way we want it too instead of how it really does. Have you figured it out yet? If not, let me explain.

The story I’m thinking of is the story of Goldilocks. Goldilocks stumbles onto a house that is unattended and appears that the master(s) of the house has departed for a short while. Well, Goldilocks was a very curious person likened to someone who we today would call a ‘seeker’. This seeker is so curious about what goes on inside the church that they walk in to see what all the fuss that it is making with all of her “Christian” friends is about. Just as Goldilocks tastes the porridge in the first, second, and third bowls, so does the seeker with services. Each service is different and each house she visits is different. She roams about in a trial and error method until she gets the one that is fitting to her taste. Now she is comfortable. Once she has become filled with satisfaction through the service she moves on to finding a place to sit and take in the surroundings. Now our seeker is looking to fit in, settle down, and become seeded in the group with the rest of the ‘seekers’. She tries the first program, second, and third. All of them seem of the same texture and substance, but the third, is just right. The third group relates to her, the programming is hip, cool, and isn’t that confrontational. The group is so entertaining and relevant to her life she decides to stay. The best part is that there are no distractions or loud alarms that will sound off, disturb her and cause alarm. She now feels welcome and comfortable enough to doze off into a constructed state of false reality that numbs her conscience and gives her peace from Sunday to Sunday.

Goldilocks has now established her comfort zone, and has wondered off into the joys of being with other like minded individuals. She frequents the gathering place of her choice and has petitioned for membership. In her membership she is pondering the idea of leadership and becoming a part of the larger network to become more influential. In all of these endeavors she has fallen fast asleep and has become difficult to awaken. She no longer responds to outside stimulus, the hard truth non-palatable and the soft truth is too mushy. But the middle ground, the moderate stance is just right. This has to be the way that will make the world a better place, so many are choosing it. The truth is in the numbers, if it weren’t that why are so many people responding to it? Can’t you see, it’s just too good……to not be true. Or is it?

Now I have quickly meshed our Goldilocks with the seeker. This is justifiable because it is befitting of the nature of the two. Both will pick and choose until their needs are satisfied and will only settle for that satisfaction. The point being illustrated here is incomplete. Briefly, we should stop to look at a few things. Our seeker is unresponsive to the hard truth, and does not desire the mushiness of the soft truth. The hard truth is our absolute and divine word of God. The soft truth is the concocted version of the love gospel that so many have given way to use in evangelism. Now we have created a problem in mainstream Christianity that is remedying itself much to our own dismay. In the middle, is an emerging school of though that has created a self-catered, sin-nurturing, truth-destroying anti-orthodox movement? Such thoughts of this movement include seeing orthodoxy as the “cultural Christianity that has neutered the Gospel”. Hello? Isn’t that exactly what this movement is doing itself? Please, do not let us forget, the enemy will disguise himself as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:13-15).

In conclusion I would like to make one thing clear. This illustration is not to institute a bout of mudslinging, nor is it an attempt to establish superiority. This is being written in hopes to demonstrate man’s innate nature to seek comfort in the pleasures he desires. God has laid a foundation in his word and it quite simply is just as the letters in our Bible’s, Black and White. There is no gray area brother’s and sisters. Just as the Day of Judgment will be one of either innocence or guilt so too is the line that has been drawn between good and evil. There is none good, not one but God (Romans 3:12) and if that be the truth of his word than simply we are left with one alternative. We are not good. Can we admit that personally or publicly? As a Christian I can. I can also admit I would much rather have my needs, desires, and sins catered too so that I may live life the way I choose instead of being told how I should. This would even work out better if I could inherit heaven on my own terms. But does this truly define freedom?

The freedom given us through Christ is the inheritance that sets us loose from the bondage of sin. This freedom is to be used for the good of the kingdom and the furthering of the Gospel of Truth (I Peter 2:16). In closing remember this, there are many gospel’s being portrayed in our world of American Christianity. There are also many sheep being led astray by false and deceitful shepherds. Some of them may be intentionally doing this, but also remember they may be deceived themselves. We must always consult the word of God before any thing we see, read, or hear is accepted as truth. Remember this; Christianity is a religion of inconvenience for those that do not wish to conform to the truth of God’s word. But for those who understand exactly what has been done for them and come to saving knowledge of his truth, then and only then, does salvation through the savior make perfect sense.

Oct 22, 2007

Friday at Greektown, Texas Toast, and Broken Cars

You know, sometimes you wonder if you are supposed to continue in what you set out to do on your "own" accord. Are our plans really within the bounds of what Jesus has set for us to do? Will we be doing his will if we persevere and overcome obstacles that he may have placed in our paths to hinder our progress? Or are they temporary set backs that prevent haste and keep us from harm? Possible guarding us against an accident on the freeway? A person in the downtown area that may want to fight? An encounter with the ever faithful Detroit Police? Seriously, how does one know when to pack it up and just go home?

Friday night began that way. Our team meets up in the downtown area and often we come from various areas within a 40 mile radius of the city. In one county, a sister's vehicle quit running and set her back more than expected. On my end of another county I was making provision to get a personally requested Bible for one of our friends in Hart Plaza. When I got the Bible, I got in my vehicle and the steering wheel and ignition completely locked down and would not allow me to start it! This is a newer vehicle and had me completely perplexed. Our sister was able to borrow another vehicle and meet up with the others to journey downtown. I however thought my night was over and it was time to wait on the tow-truck and catch a ride home from them. While waiting for the tow-truck someone came out to talk to me and tried a few "button-combos" on my key-remote and the next thing you know, it started! Now that I was on my way, our sister was on hers, all seemed well. Then upon entry to the freeway I came across an obstacle in the road. This obstacle appeared to be a brand new power/cordless drill that had possibly fallen off of someone's work truck. As I would have loved to keep it, I pulled into the complex that appeared to be the source of the loss and gave the drill to an employee to return to whomever lost it. I pray that it finds it's way back to it's owner.

So we were back downtown in Hart Plaza and Greektown. The night began with the feeding of our friends with some "Thirty" double-cheeseburgers from your favorite local fast food chain. We also hand delivered a special request for a larger print Bible that would be easier for our friend to read. His name was 'Reese'. After speaking with 'Reese' for quite some time he eventually shared with me that he was blown away having only asked for the Bible on Wednesday and having it in his hands on Friday. He said that this was such a powerful testimony and an indicator of the Lord trying to "tell" him something. I'll just take it has praise and glory for our Lord Jesus Christ! After we spoke with some of the regulars for a short time we were soon being invaded by another group of approximately 25+ others from a couple of other Steeple House's that had combined efforts and showed up with several five-gallon buckets of soup and bread for the rest of the homeless people in Hart Plaza. We were grateful for this and decided to move on to preach the gospel in the Greektown casino area.

Accompanying us was a brother from out of town. He came completely prepared with a backpack full of tracts, and unction to share the gospel, and a hope to reach the lost! He had contacted us through the blog site here and informed us that he would be in town this weekend. It was such an incredible blessing to meet and hit the streets with another brother in the Lord. The most intriguing part of this story is our brother in the Lord was here from Texas on business and still made a valiant effort to find some Christians in the are who are actively and biblically taking the gospel to the lost and depraved generation that is in need of the salvation of our Lord. Once we made it to the Greektown area we saw our friend "Mango Pete" on his corner and purchased some food for a couple of the 'regulars' who were attempting to hustle but were fed and given the gospel of Jesus Christ. We moved to a corner and set up there passing out tracts, speaking to those whom would listen, and building each other up with encouragement from the Word!

We were also able to see the mighty power of the Lord move in one of our other brothers who have not been out with us in a while. He is normally quite reserved, observant, and meek. However he was bold as a lion and made sure to pass out as many tracts as possible! This was such an encouragement and a blessing to witness has we all to often falter in our own zeal and allow our inhibitions and fears to clam us up and lock us down. This brother was incredible to watch and it was such a joy to see him doing what we all knew he had in him to do. Soon enough our night was winding down and the rain was beginning to fall. We were sad that it was all over and would have like to fellowship with our "visiting brother" and zealous friend much longer, but happy that all was well and thankful for the Lord's sovereignty.

No decisions, no converts, and no profound miracles manifest themselves before our very eyes, but we did do what we were called to do and praise God for His allowance of our participation in the spreading of His good news. We thank Him, praise Him, and love Him for all that He is, does, and has done in our lives, hopefully in yours, and those whom do not yet know Him.

Oct 13, 2007

Homelessness is not and death are.

What do you think it feels like? What would motivate you to go to them? Who do you think can change them forever, whether they leave the streets or die in them?

I'm stuck at home tonight doing homework. I would rather be there with the others ministering to our "peeps". Unfortunately this is my fate for the night. It's much needed though. Here is a video to help paint a portrait of those whom we go to minister to and feed in the streets of Detroit.

(It is unknown what city these shots come from)
Just Ponder for a moment walking one mile in their shoes.

Oct 10, 2007

The Holy Bible and it's abundance!

Remember the Dust On Your Bibles Post?. Well, if you don't, go read it and then come back! Now that you remember, let's just say yeah, it was kind of stressful. Check this out, God in all his sovereign glory has made himself and his abundance known. Not only has he been abundant, he has been exceedingly abundant. I could take this post and go off into a breakdown of all the things that I WANT but don't NEED, or I could do the mercy and nature of God justice and speak about the things that he provides within his own personal will.

In the need of bibles for our ministry and outreach purposes we were able to scratch up a couple here and there. Of course they had been collecting dust on a bookshelf somewhere not being used. They were given out and prayerfully had gone to good use, but we still fell short of the need that we had. The irony of this situation is that within the month and a half of this situation occurring and some prayer, The Lord had answered...

Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or else believe on account of the works themselves. "Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it. "If you love me, you will keep my commandments. (emphasis mine)
(Joh 14:11-15)

This is the most incredible part of this post. Jesus Christ in all his glory provided what was needed for his work...

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,
(Eph 3:20)

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.
(Jer 33:3)

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.
(Mat 21:22)

Alright what am I talking about? Here I'll tell you. Its all for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
This past week we received two responses. The first came from a Sister who provided a case of NASB paperback bibles, and the second via E-Mail provided two cases of NKJV bibles. While we usually have some form of a New Testament or an outreach Gospel Of John to giveaway, rarely do we have decent Bibles that are good for regular use. In the need of just a few, the Lord has provided many. We began with needing less than ten, and now have at least seventy-five bibles! PRAISE the Lord of Hosts and thank him for his exceeding abundance.

For those praying for the Detroit ministry please continue to do so and thank you so much. To my Sister's who know their names we thank God for you and offer up prayer and thanksgiving for your obedience to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of the great commission.

May the Lamb who was slain receive his full reward...

Oct 9, 2007

Greektown Casino Open-Air Preaching

A few weeks ago we were able to briefly record brother Jim while he was preaching. Our friend "Mango Pete" and Carl were playing their instruments while we were camped out on a corner outside of the Greektown Casino. Of very much interest we found many people stopping to speak and many tracts were handed out. Here is a snippet of Jim's open air preaching....

Listen Now!

Oct 7, 2007

Friday Night Witnessing

This is from sister Lindsay at "A Wall At Jericho" and her take on our witnessing Friday night...

This post is really just a quick overview of the happenings in and around Greektown on a "harvesting excursion" if you will.

Last night, brother James and I made our way down to Hart Plaza for a "routine Friday night." However, the night was anything but mundane.
We started by making our way to two people we know in Hart Plaza who just recently found out that they are going to be having a baby. After some really open and hard conversation that lasted for over an hour, we headed on down to Greektown.
We found some of our fellow harvesters on a corner, and decided to stick with them for a while. Brother Carl played his guitar and sang as James "tract attacked" and Pete spoke the name of Jesus boldly (literally ;-) While we were set up on this corner, an older woman, whom we found out to be a widow, stopped and started singing with Carl. She ended up staying there with us for most of the evening, and was very enthusiastic about making sure people "knew Jesus."
Also on that corner God brought us an "appointment" if you will. A man named Al had stopped because he and his friend were having a tift. Al later told us that if that "tift" hadn't happened, they never would have stopped there that night. He told us that God had definitely ordained this meeting. We talked with him and his wife for quite a while. Brother James got a good word in and encouraged them to join us sometime. One of the most encouraging things was, while we were talking with them, his wife took a tract and walked away. I thought she had decided that she had heard enough. But a few minutes later, we looked down the street and found that had taken the tract and had begun witnessing to two girls. It was amazing.
Throughout the night we had other good conversations, including one with a couple who wanted to learn how to better witness to Muslims. The name of Jesus went forth boldly, even though, I will admit, my unction was more in observing than being extremely active at the time.
I ask, though, that you pray for all who were reached with a word from the Lord last night. And also pray that He will allow us to be continually used for Him in the future.
As for the name of this post, I expect that only one will understand it.

Oct 4, 2007

Book Review of "Why Christians can't trust Psychology"

I have just finished reading a book that was on loan to me from Pastor Alan Bates at Warrendale C.C.. It was an interesting read and presented a well balanced and interesting take on nouthetic counseling, integration of psychology with Biblical counsel, and a nicely painted portrait of the conflicts that come when the two worlds meet. While Ed Bulkey's credentials and presentation of his book come under fire by many "psychoheresy" critics I found the read inspiring. Given my choice of work and pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Social Work it provided plenty of much needed information to help me remain aware and guarded against conflicted ideas that attack the Biblical Worldview of man.

Ed Bulkley does a nice job balancing scenarios and examples of the counselor's view of situations and provides an ample amount of information and evidences to inspire further investigation in the area of Psychology. The most important thing that I believe I have taken away from this book is somewhat troubling when its said, but must be properly understood. I believe the idea is this, No matter what side of the fence we are on it appears that in this world we are always getting ideas from the other side of the fence. And believe it or not, air passes through the holes in the fence just as the world's ways seemed to have infiltrated Christian processes, thought, and methods. I would suggest that while we see integration occurring on even the most minute levels of everything we do, we must remain constantly aware that man's main problem is sin and the ultimate solution (only) is Jesus Christ.

My Rating -3/5
Recommending Value - 4/5
Where Can you Get it? - HERE!

Oct 3, 2007

The Twelve Steps of......What?

Some of you may know this, but most of you won't. I spent the first two years or so of my walk fellowshipping within the Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous recovery groups. I am even responsible for founding a meeting in the basement of my old Methodist Steeple House. While I can list pros and cons, I'd rather not waste your time with an expositional read on the obvious, but will also promise a post in the future... Until then I would like you to visit my Brother Gene's blog at True regard to the philosophy of a "Higher Power" of your "Own Understanding" concept...Just keep this in your mind...the first and second Commandments...

Here's The Link...

Oct 1, 2007

T.D. Jakes and Dr. Phil

It's absolutely astounding to see the things that mainstream $evangelicals$ will do to promote themselves (and their product) these days. Then again, maybe it isn't. The most ridiculous part about seeing Bishop T.D. Jakes on Dr. Phil was not his compromising acceptance of someone who's philosophy propagates another gospel, but that he endorses himself, his book, and the psychological theory of victimization, and vindication of responsibility. Two adults who owned a handgun experience the death of their three year-old son as a result of neglectful care. But they are free of blame, because it was not their fault. It doesn't take a rational, undecided, skeptical, religious, atheist, or post-modern mindset to see this is completely ludicrous. Then again, the idea that any of these positions would say there is no fault by the parents is absurd. I pray that child is in the arms of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

By the way mister Jakes, I find it completely within your agenda and outright rejection of the truth to capitalize on the pain of people as a springboard for your "self-help" word-faith propaganda. Furthermore, you disgrace yourself, your congregation, and anyone who wastes their money on your garbage to deny the eternal healing power of salvation from Jesus Christ. Bishop? Did you even mention his name? Or would that hurt your book sales?

Sep 26, 2007

Postscript "Bookstores and Broken Cisterns"

Following the reference to Jeremiah with this post is very important to what I want to say. This post comes from a broken heart that has witnessed and experience the things I'll be describing in the firsthand.

The broken cisterns that are hewed out of the ground the prophet is speaking about were typically hewed out of limestone. The limestone was often porous and over time would give way and leak. While the cisterns could be filled they did not retain water for very long. The prophet makes it very clear here that the people were seeking after things to fill these cisterns with that which has absolutely no eternal value. They're cisterns were the idolatrous desires of their wicked hearts. Being deceived by their own sinful desire they had forsaken the Lord and turned to their own objects of trust.

Bookstores are often places of valuable information of which one can purchase literature, stationary, self-help, magazines, and neat little trinkets. Even the things that are available at secular bookstores can be found in the same fashion at your local Christian bookstores. These trinkets and other collectible nick-nacks and doo-dads can especially be found branded with a "fish-symbol" or some inspirational scripture (most the time ripped completely out of context). One can't help but walk into these stores and become overwhelmed with the attack of commercialism and materialistic pleas of 2-for-1 and Buy-One-Get-One sales that lead you to believe you are getting a great deal. While I will not say that I have not taken advantage of these sales from time to time there is a motive behind them. The main objective of a store's commercial push is to get you to buy their material. The more material, the more money they make. The problem here lies within the purpose of the visit to the store. If you go with a knowledge of what you need or want your visit will be short and purposeful. If you go with the purpose of browsing or looking for a gift to give to a friend, you may be there all day.

So in expressing disdain for the many established "christian" bookstores in this country that are in no way a reflection of true Christianity I would like to bring up the idolatry that is formed through the patronizing of these stores. When you walk through the book aisles, glance at the DVD selections, and browse the Bible display, you can't help but discern the heresy awaiting the next person's purchase. These materials pose themselves as inspirational, new insight, and uplifting material to help you walk with God. The self-help books found here are often the best as I could only imagine Jesus taking a stroll down that aisle and hanging his head in the thought that man has ultimately decided to reject the cleansing power of his blood, and sufficiency of his sacrifice on the cross. Maybe we can also illustrate the craziness that comes from these bookstore visits by the conversations had with those who profess Christ with their mouth but utterly and totally depraved in their thoughts and actions. Or the resultant rejection of his true word written in revelation through the scriptures over the preferred new "understanding" and re-interpreted, modernized, relevant messages of post-modern and new-age leaders? How about we think for one hot minute of the anger that arises within a person when you point them to scripture that contradicts their "bookstore understanding" of God? What does one think about those who honor God not with their mouths and lives, but with the nifty neon light-up cross they got as part of the $5.00 member deal they got with the last purchase of some emergent leaders latest book?

Idols are shaped and formed in many ways. Images can come by way of physical characteristics, and even by way of thoughts concocted in our own minds. Isaiah references some interesting information about those who do this...

Isa 44:9-22 All who fashion idols are nothing, and the things they delight in do not profit. Their witnesses neither see nor know, that they may be put to shame. (10) Who fashions a god or casts an idol that is profitable for nothing? (11) Behold, all his companions shall be put to shame, and the craftsmen are only human. Let them all assemble, let them stand forth. They shall be terrified; they shall be put to shame together. (12) The ironsmith takes a cutting tool and works it over the coals. He fashions it with hammers and works it with his strong arm. He becomes hungry, and his strength fails; he drinks no water and is faint. (13) The carpenter stretches a line; he marks it out with a pencil. He shapes it with planes and marks it with a compass. He shapes it into the figure of a man, with the beauty of a man, to dwell in a house. (14) He cuts down cedars, or he chooses a cypress tree or an oak and lets it grow strong among the trees of the forest. He plants a cedar and the rain nourishes it. (15) Then it becomes fuel for a man. He takes a part of it and warms himself; he kindles a fire and bakes bread. Also he makes a god and worships it; he makes it an idol and falls down before it. (16) Half of it he burns in the fire. Over the half he eats meat; he roasts it and is satisfied. Also he warms himself and says, "Aha, I am warm, I have seen the fire!" (17) And the rest of it he makes into a god, his idol, and falls down to it and worships it. He prays to it and says, "Deliver me, for you are my god!" (18) They know not, nor do they discern, for he has shut their eyes, so that they cannot see, and their hearts, so that they cannot understand. (19) No one considers, nor is there knowledge or discernment to say, "Half of it I burned in the fire; I also baked bread on its coals; I roasted meat and have eaten. And shall I make the rest of it an abomination? Shall I fall down before a block of wood?" (20) He feeds on ashes; a deluded heart has led him astray, and he cannot deliver himself or say, "Is there not a lie in my right hand?" (21) Remember these things, O Jacob, and Israel, for you are my servant; I formed you; you are my servant; O Israel, you will not be forgotten by me. (22) I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you.

So can you say that you find your encouragement in the reading of His word? Have you truly experienced the saving grace of His final work on the cross? Does his truth bring joy to your soul in the midst of trials, tribulations, and persecution? Or does the hard truth of the Bible make you angry? Does the finality of God's revelation give you discomfort? Is it possible that you hate the very things that he has ordained for mankind's existence? Do you fill your broken cistern with the feel-good runoff that oozes from the front doors of the christian bookstore and forsake the eternal fount of life that springs from the Lord thy God?

Are you a bookstore christian?

Sep 25, 2007

Preceding the Words to Come...

Be appalled, O heavens, at this; be shocked, be utterly desolate, declares the LORD, for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.
(Jer 2:12-13)

Sep 22, 2007

You Narrow Minded Fundamentalist You!

Isn't there just a hint of irony in the fact that people say Christians, whom are on the "narrow" path toward the "strait" gate are "narrow" minded? When people say this to us wouldn't the proper and most polite response be to say.....
(Matthew 7:14)

Thank you.

-Faithful Servant

Friday night in Downtown Detroit

It was a tough decision and a matter of weighing priorities when it came time to make a decision on whether or not to go witnessing downtown this Friday. I have a huge amount of work to catch up on and am quickly becoming overwhelmed. This is my own fault of course, as I have slacked in areas where I should not have, therefore making this decision more difficult. But, the Lord had made it clear in the scriptures to "Go into all the world..." and this is something that burns in my heart and is often a matter of suppressing the call to do the things of worldly accordance.

We made it out to the downtown area approximately 8:30pm and quickly began our walk toward the Greek town area. We spent a few moments their talking with Clyde and sharing the realities of Hell with him. Then there was a serious feeling within that it might be a good idea to go hang out near Comerica park. This proved to be a good idea as there were many people there to speak and hand tracks to. While wandering through the area we came across Lionel whom was begging for change and said he was hungry. He got honest quick and told us he was trying to get a beer. We gave him a nutri-bar and I was able to minister to him about the bondage of alcohol and addiction, his need for the Lord Jesus Christ, and the reality of standing before the Judgment seat on that fateful day he will meet him once and for all.

Lionel responded, and appeared as if he may have sobered up a bit. He said that what we talked about made perfect sense and it was time that he go and think about these things. We parted ways and now ask that you pray for Lionel's salvation with us!

There were some random conversations here and there and all will prayerfully bring forth fruit in some manner if it be the Lord's will. In all reality I am grateful for the fellowship and the opportunity to serve in the mission field for the purpose of seeking and saving the Lost. The Lord set the tone for the day as I began my morning encouraging a brother, in the evening I was able to assist in service some stranded brethren whom were trying to get to their daughters birthday dinner, and culminating all of this with fellowship with the body of believers and doing what the Lord has called us to do....PREACH!

That said, wherever two or more are gathered in my name....

When the two disciples had reached Emmaus and were refreshing themselves at the evening meal, the mysterious stranger who had so enchanted them upon the road, took bread and brake it, made himself known to them, and then vanished out of their sight. They had constrained him to abide with them, because the day was far spent; but now, although it was much later, their love was a lamp to their feet, yea, wings also; they forgot the darkness, their weariness was all gone, and forthwith they journeyed back the threescore furlongs to tell the gladsome news of a risen Lord, who had appeared to the by the way.

-Daily Help by Charles H. Spurgeon

Sep 18, 2007


Indoctrination is only indoctrination if it takes....therefore having been set free by the renewing of your mind, it has not taken. Praise God. If you think, the entire world has been indoctrinated from birth, indoctrinated with the wiles and ways of the world and culture we have been set apart from. Now that we have this freedom we need not be dismayed or discouraged by the things that "were" but encouraged by the things that "are", and all the things of the past that seem insignificant are but glimpses of His glory being displayed in the life he had set out for you to shape you, culture you, teach you, and edify you into who you are now.

Faithful Servant

Sep 17, 2007

I am not slacking, I promise!

You may be wondering, where are the updates? Where are the posts? No snazzy commentary? Well to be brutally honest, I have been committing more time to my devotions and learning from the word. I'll have to say that I enjoy fellowship with the Lord much more than fellowship with my computer screen and keyboard. However, I will say that I also enjoy very much the ability to interact with my readers or anyone else who may just stop by.

This week I'm diving into Acts 5:1-11 and have been challenged by a viewpoint that has been in opposition to the one I was "holding". This viewpoint has so dramatically been challenged, the evidence has been so well presented, and my opinion has been officially deemed "mashed potato". Not even lumpy, but more like a terrible mixture of instant potato's that have had too much water added to them. Yes, this is true, I said it. I am currently in limbo on my understanding of this text, but am definitely in change mode.

Presupposition Alert! The understanding I had and the one I am coming to establish rests with this, is it possible to be born again and stay that way? If this is so, how does it effect how we see this text? If you are born again, and willing to look at how you see yourself in light of God's will, grace, and wraith, would you see this text has a false conversion story or a just judgement and example being set? More on this later....I'm sure

Until then, time management is the chore, homework is the burden, but I still Love the Lord Jesus and man is his wisdom awesome!

Sep 7, 2007

Brethren? Heirs with Christ? Amen!

John 20:17
Jesus said to her, "Stop clinging to Me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to (My brethren and say to them, 'I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God.'"

Imagine that my lost friend, knowing the Son of the Most High God, the Creator himself in a relationship of not only him as Lord, but as a brother.

Romans 8:16-17
The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.

And we too as new creations will enjoy the reward of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Imagine that, being glorified together with all the saints and with Christ himself!

....Trembling yet?