Oct 7, 2007

Friday Night Witnessing

This is from sister Lindsay at "A Wall At Jericho" and her take on our witnessing Friday night...

This post is really just a quick overview of the happenings in and around Greektown on a "harvesting excursion" if you will.

Last night, brother James and I made our way down to Hart Plaza for a "routine Friday night." However, the night was anything but mundane.
We started by making our way to two people we know in Hart Plaza who just recently found out that they are going to be having a baby. After some really open and hard conversation that lasted for over an hour, we headed on down to Greektown.
We found some of our fellow harvesters on a corner, and decided to stick with them for a while. Brother Carl played his guitar and sang as James "tract attacked" and Pete spoke the name of Jesus boldly (literally ;-) While we were set up on this corner, an older woman, whom we found out to be a widow, stopped and started singing with Carl. She ended up staying there with us for most of the evening, and was very enthusiastic about making sure people "knew Jesus."
Also on that corner God brought us an "appointment" if you will. A man named Al had stopped because he and his friend were having a tift. Al later told us that if that "tift" hadn't happened, they never would have stopped there that night. He told us that God had definitely ordained this meeting. We talked with him and his wife for quite a while. Brother James got a good word in and encouraged them to join us sometime. One of the most encouraging things was, while we were talking with them, his wife took a tract and walked away. I thought she had decided that she had heard enough. But a few minutes later, we looked down the street and found that had taken the tract and had begun witnessing to two girls. It was amazing.
Throughout the night we had other good conversations, including one with a couple who wanted to learn how to better witness to Muslims. The name of Jesus went forth boldly, even though, I will admit, my unction was more in observing than being extremely active at the time.
I ask, though, that you pray for all who were reached with a word from the Lord last night. And also pray that He will allow us to be continually used for Him in the future.
As for the name of this post, I expect that only one will understand it.

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