Oct 30, 2009

Featured Sermon: Mark Greening, The Power of Travailing Prayer

I do not often get time to listen to the messages I wish to. I actually have a large portion of space on my PC's hard drive with sermons that have gone unlistened. I suppose it is the same as the books on my bookshelf that go unread.

This message was worth the listen. It served as a good reminder of my personal obligation to prayer. It also demonstrates the typical attitude I develop toward the prayerless when in fact I am the one my rebuke should be delivered to.



dan1el said...

Do you know where this man's ministry is at?

James said...

What do you mean where? Are you looking for a physical location, like on a map? Or an internet location?

Anonymous said...

You can contact brother Mark Greening at this email: markg@lexcourt.com

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