Oct 31, 2011

Book Review: Desiring God, Meditations of a Christian Hedonist (Revised Edition) by John Piper

Following on the heels of a successful publishing the past 25 years, John Piper has again revisited one of his most popular works, Desiring God, Meditations of a Christian Hedonist. Originally published in 1986, this book has been the go-to manual of what John Piper defines as Christian Hedonism.

Having never completed reading an entire John Piper book, I was not surprised to see it read like he speaks. John's book touches on many critical issues effecting the Christian in today's context. John has appropriately revised this entry to accommodate the advent of modern technology, the new ails of our age, and added an additional chapter to include, "Suffering: The Sacrifice of Christian Hedonism." Concisely, academically, and scholastically, John defends his thesis, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him" throughout the entire text. John Piper also sufficiently demonstrates the story behind his passion for Christian Hedonism, and propagating it amongst brothers and sisters everywhere.

I had a difficult time engaging the book and being motivated to read it. It was not so much that the material or topic nature was not engaging itself, it is that I just found it a bit dry. I suppose John Piper may be able to level the accusation of anti-hedonist toward me at this point. Even though the premise of the book, and "Christian Hedonism" is to find joy in God, and thus draw God's satisfaction in you, it challenges some of the paradigms of the modern Christians faith.

John Piper demonstrates that the Christian life is easily seen as sacrificial in  many regards. He also challenges the adage that finding joy in the "less-than" lifestyle Christ calls his disciples to lead is not itself as controversial as one might find. After all, having true joy in Christ is dying for him, storing up for yourself treasure in heaven. Knowing that there is reward for your temporal loss is at the center of John Piper's Christian Hedonism.

I enjoyed the book, but I am not sure I have been converted to Christian Hedonism just yet! Nor am I ready to call myself a Christian Hedonist. There is plenty of sound advice and good strong scriptural support for John Piper's Christian Hedonism. I also have now been afforded a glimpse into the "Desiring God" battle cry John is so well known for. With the addition of another chapter, and a group study guide, this book is worth the purchase for those who have never experienced it, and for those who have previous versions. A refreshing updated Desiring God will not disappoint!

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review!

Oct 24, 2011

Taking an Extended Break from Social Media

I admit, I love blogging. I love reading blogs, I love writing blogs.

But, I spend too much time doing all of the above.

Along with that, I spend too much time on Facebook, Google+, and a bunch of other time wasters.

So, here's the deal. I am working on a new blog that is currently under construction. I do not have a launch date, but if all goes well, I am aiming for the end of November 2011. New name, new site, new blog. What will happen to "Deliver Detroit"? I don't know yet. I imagine the domain will transfer links to the new name, but that is still to be determined.

I am also in dyer need of spending some time studying for my State Licensing Exam for Social Work. I also have a back log of books to read and review that are collecting dust.

Most importantly, I want to spend more time with my wife and daughter in the Word of God.

So you might see an occassional book review, theological thought, or link to something nifty, but as of today, Deliver Detroit is officially on a blog sabbatical.

See you in November!

Oct 23, 2011

And the Winner is...

Andrew won the book giveaway contest for Van Parunak's book, "Except for Fornication: The Teaching of Lord Jesus on Divorce and Remarriage."

When asked if this issue was one reserved for elders or if all believers should be informed of the dilemma, Andrew responded,

"All Christians should know where they stand. We're currently dealing with a potential divorce situation at our church and the people who haven't thought much about the issue aren't helping the situation much."

I agree with Andrew. As Van stated in the preface to his book, an old professor encouraged his students to know where they stand now, so when they face the issue they will not be struggling to counsel others when they are needed most.

Not being informed of our position on scriptural matters lends more to confusion and poor counsel. Let us be students of the word and study to show ourselves approved workmen.

Congratulations Andrew.

Oct 19, 2011

Free Book Giveaway: Except for Fornication, The Teaching of the Lord Jesus on Divorce and Remarriage

**Due to a limited response and apparent commenting errors, this giveaway has been extended. If you have problems commenting, please email me thegospelisgood(AT)hot(mail)(Dot)com and please see the details below.

That's right. You read it. Free book.

I love free books. Matter of fact, I love free books so much, I would like to give one away to someone else!

To enter, submit a comment with your answer to the question,

"Should all Christians know where they stand on the matter of divorce and remarriage, or is it only something that elders should deal with?"

Purchase this book on Amazon!
All comments must be submitted by Tuesday, October 18th 2011 Saturday, October 22nd, 2011. I will draw a winner and post the results on October 19th Sunday, October 23rd here at the blog.

BONUS: If you have a blog or personal website, create a post and share a link back to this blog entry. Once you have, leave an additional comment below with a link back to your blog or website and I will enter your name an additional time.

No extra entries for Facebook, Twitter, or Google + link backs, but they would be appreciated nonetheless!

In September, I reviewed this entry of the Energion Aeropagus Series, "Except for Fornication." This book has proved very useful to me in personal study concerning the issue of divorce and remarriage, and I believe it to be something of worthy consideration to any serious bible student.

Whether you already have a settled opinion regarding this matter or not, a free book, less than 80 pages, and some serious exegesis to wrap your noggin around is very worth it.

I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Oct 18, 2011

Free Book Giveaway: Except for Fornication, The Teaching of the Lord Jesus on Divorce and Remarriage

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The corrected comment form is available at this link http://www.deliverdetroit.com/2011/10/free-book-giveaway-except-for.html

Or by just scrolling to the most recent post on this blog.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oct 11, 2011

Accused of church aversion

This post was originally written in 2008. In this post, I reflect on the position experienced by those who begin questioning the traditional patterns of the church in our day. Have you ever been accused of having an aversion to modern church?

One might become ostracized when discussing ecclesiology with individuals whose only exposure to it is that of the position justified by tradition, then proven from scripture. The perspective of 'church' being implemented as it is found in practice throughout the New Testament is often frowned upon and dismissed as being impossible to embrace due to cultural restraints we now face daily. As emergent as many may find this to sound, I think it's at least owed a second look in our study.

Some of us can discuss this openly, humbly, and in Christian love. But most of us, will dismiss the other party as a confessing heretic only to never find ourselves in fellowship with one another again. Whether or not fellowship ever existed between parties to begin with bears little relevance when the topic matter creates enough friction to cause harm or hatred toward a brother.

Most often, proponents of this perspective are misunderstood. Rightly so, as the norm is created by those who are zealous and promote a complete retreat to the other end of the spectrum where there is no return to the middle in sight. Either way, we need to remember that the disillusioned generation that has spawned and multiplied under the wing of emergent theology, there is still a part of that group that still resides under the wing of biblical theology.

One that does well to seek discipleship under the teachings of our Lord, also does well to understand that it isn't a retreat that's needed. It's a recovery. So when you encounter someone who may share in this thinking, you could remember to hear out the evidence first. Or just do what's always done, accuse, dismiss, and then accuse them of having an aversion toward preaching, institutions, or true church. Or in other words, dismiss their legitimate aversion toward cultural christianity and assign them false convert status because they don't meet the status quo.