Oct 19, 2011

Free Book Giveaway: Except for Fornication, The Teaching of the Lord Jesus on Divorce and Remarriage

**Due to a limited response and apparent commenting errors, this giveaway has been extended. If you have problems commenting, please email me thegospelisgood(AT)hot(mail)(Dot)com and please see the details below.

That's right. You read it. Free book.

I love free books. Matter of fact, I love free books so much, I would like to give one away to someone else!

To enter, submit a comment with your answer to the question,

"Should all Christians know where they stand on the matter of divorce and remarriage, or is it only something that elders should deal with?"

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All comments must be submitted by Tuesday, October 18th 2011 Saturday, October 22nd, 2011. I will draw a winner and post the results on October 19th Sunday, October 23rd here at the blog.

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In September, I reviewed this entry of the Energion Aeropagus Series, "Except for Fornication." This book has proved very useful to me in personal study concerning the issue of divorce and remarriage, and I believe it to be something of worthy consideration to any serious bible student.

Whether you already have a settled opinion regarding this matter or not, a free book, less than 80 pages, and some serious exegesis to wrap your noggin around is very worth it.

I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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