Jun 28, 2009

Treasuring Him - DWYL Sermon Jam (Desiring God/1031SermonJams)

Sermon jam: Treasuring Him (produced by www.1031sermonjams.com)
Video: Produced by Desiring God (Seth the Intern)
Sermon excerpts: John Piper

Don't Waste Your Life Sermon Jams Album available at www.1031sermonjams.com or iTunes.

All I can say is...Yup...

Jun 25, 2009

Muslim Ministry Assistance

I am selling DVD's (More than Dreams) that tell the stories of Dreams and Visions that were given to Muslims in closed countries and locales as a precursor to their hearing of the Gospel. Funds from these sales will help raise support for Muslim evangelism here in the Metro-Detroit and Dearborn areas. The purchase of these DVD's will help provide funds for training of others to reach Muslims, education in the Arabic language and the Qur'an, and Arabic Bibles and gospel literature. You can check out the ebay auction to make a purchase. If you have special requests for larger volumes those are also available, just contact me through this link.

Peace be with you,

Dearborn MI: Arab Festival and the Abrogation of Free Speech II

Here is the third video from the final encounter that occurred between the Christians and the Muslims at the Arab festival. Remember, go to AnsweringMuslims to get more updates and information on Muslim debate, videos, and updates on the ministry of Acts17. Good stuff.

Jun 22, 2009

Dearborn, MI: Arab Festival and the Abrogation of Free Speech

Believe it or not, things are still winding down from the conference. There has been so much going on that it would take days to share all the blessings, trials, speakers, prayers, professions of faith in Christ, and oh yeah the stifling of constitutional freedoms, the silencing of Gospel proclamation, and good ol' fashioned persecution.

Some of the debates went exceptionally well, and some were just a dogs' breakfast, but all of the training and information has been priceless. I can honestly say that for the third year in a row I've become increasingly more concerned about the Muslims here in Dearborn and will be (and in need of yours) prayer regarding the direction of ministry and future evangelism efforts. I hope to be posting some updates about what I've learned, some insights I want to share, and information about the direction I hope to go. Plus, the best part, some stories that are glorifying to God as I witnessed Him raise up many laborers to go into the field to harvest!

In the meantime, check out some of those who were here with us for the debates and to do outreach at the festival. They've had some interesting experiences and would direct you to their blog to hear it in their own words at AnsweringMuslims. I've included the videos from their two most recent posts and encourage you to consider (if you are from Detroit) joining us in reaching our lost Muslim neighbors for Christ!

Jun 19, 2009

Why Church? An Essay Written by David Black

I think this essay piggy backs off the question posed in the "Question of The Day?" recently. In it he sheds some insights on various nuances that we see in the modern system of things and just how detrimental these practices have been. The issue does not appear to be a call to deconstruct institutionalization, it actually appears to be a synopsis of how the Church could be healthier, it's body parts function more adequately, and the model given by scripture implemented in order to benefit the saints.

Here's a quote,

Leadership, thus defined, calls for people who will be catalysts to mobilize the people of God for mission in the world. These people lead best when they themselves model, illustrate, and perform service to the world. On the other hand, leaders must be wary of assuming a “clergy” role in ministry. One reason the so-called laity are so passive is because leaders have made “ministry” and “missions” the professional roles of a few ordained people. Leaders lead best when they do the tasks and teach others to do them. Effective ministry calls for participation by all.

Check out the essay for yourself and form your own opinion. Let me know what you think.

Jun 18, 2009

Question of the Day

Does family (ie. marriage) come before Christian mission, or has the concept of missions seen in today's evangelical landscape changed the priorities of the laity to think that mission can only be carried out by a special delegated or elect few?

Jun 17, 2009

Muslim Outreach Needs Prayer

The training for outreach began today in Romulus at Calvary Church. Tomorrow there will be more training sessions and the day will be filled with door to door outreach in Dearborn. The evening will then begin with a dinner with Josh Mcdowell at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI. This will then be followed with a message called "Bridging the gap of understanding with Muslims." David Wood, an Apologist to Muslims; Nabeel Qureshi, a Former Muslim from Pakistan; Wally Magdangal (See a 10 minute video from his website here), a Pastor in the Saudi Arabian underground church and Josh McDowell, Apologist, Author and Evangelist will be sharing how you can reach your Muslim neighbors and friends with the message of Jesus Christ.

Please lift up in prayer a few things concerning the outreach, first there were a few encounters that have been of nothing but the God kind, showing the preparation and softening of hearts that have become typical occurrences over the past few years with this Muslim outreach, praise God for that! One such occurrence involved a Muslim man sitting at a restaurant table, being approached and spoken to by some of those attending the conference and then telling them his heart is open to the words they have come to speak. He did not contend the deity of Christ in the least bit and will be meeting up with some local ministries to arrange continued discipleship once the training and outreach has ended. Praise God!

Secondly, there has been an agenda from the police to restrict all access and outreach to the festival to one corner. No doubt a response to previous outreaches in years passed, and quite possibly raised by the Muslim Imam's and communities. Today a suit was filed in Federal Court and the ACLJ will be assisting in the advocacy of fist amendment rights. Please pray for these things, we need all the help we can get out there.

God has sent forth labors for the harvest in Dearborn, and while many of you can't or won't be in attendance, you can pray to the Father on our behalf. We ask that you please do. If you can fast, or pray, or both, please do so.

Jun 12, 2009

Cal.vini.st is Giving Away Bibleworks 8

To signify the first anniversary, Cal.vini.st will be giving away two copies of Bibleworks 8. This software is valued at over $349.00 and is well worth every cent. However, most of us can't afford it, so i'm going to try and win it as well!

Click here to enter yourself today!

Hope you win...But hope I win more!

Jun 10, 2009

Muslim Outreach Prayer and Fasting Needed

June 12th, 2009 from 6am to 6pm we will be fasting for the cause of salvation for Muslims. We need as much prayer and support as possible. Please pray or fast or both with us! For those who cannot fast, pray! For those who can do both, thank you and tell a friend! Some things to pray for,

  • Boldness for those who are traveling to Dearborn from across the country to share the Gospel
  • The thousands of Muslims who will hear the Gospel or receive Gospel materials and Gospel's of John during the outreach June 16th to the 22nd.
  • Some financial needs that have yet to be met to cover trip expenditures, pray the Lord will raise the support needed of $6,800.00.
  • Traveling mercies.
  • The local ministries who will be the backbone in support and discipleship for Muslim converts.
  • Unity for the ministry teams.
  • That the Holy Spirit guides and leads those who are leading and gives discernment to watch well.
  • That hearts would be softened, plowed, and opened for the Gospel.
  • Grace with local law enforcement.
  • And also open, powerful, and challenging dialogues in the Mosque; pray for a wide and diverse audience at the Mosque during this time...
  • The fast will be broken at 6pm. Please take time to rejoice in the Lord of our Salvation, Jesus Christ and those who will be drawn to Him during this outreach, and remember the laborers whom He is sending forth!

Jun 9, 2009

The Fire

I'm willing to bet that this brother didn't intend for this to become a viral video, or a self-righteous promotion of piety, or a means of showing you of how much better you are than him/her. I do think and would bet that he has made this because his burden for those that are deceived is great.
Amen for this brother's courage. His name is Nate and you can also view/link this video on Blip.TV

Jun 5, 2009

D. Martyn Lloyd Jones on Clergy and Laity

Are we giving the members of the church an adequate opportunity to exercise their gifts? Are our churches corresponding to the life of the New Testament church? Or is there too much concentration in the hands of ministers and clergy? You say, "We provide opportunity for the gifts of others in week-night activities." But I still ask, Do we manifest the freedom of the New Testament church? . . . When one looks at the New Testament church and contrasts the church today, even our churches, with that church, one is appalled at the difference. In the New Testament church one sees vigor and activity; one sees a living community, conscious of its glory and of its responsibility, with the whole church, as it were, an evangelistic force. The notion of people belonging to the church in order to come to sit down and fold their arms and listen, with just two or three doing everything, is quite foreign to the New Testament, and it seems to me it is foreign to what has always been the characteristic of the church in times of revival and of reawakening (Knowing the Times [Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1989] pp.195-196).

Things that make me go hmmmm..

Jun 4, 2009

New Featured Audio

I've had this song sitting on the iPod for a minute, and when I heard it today I was glad that I had it. Give it a listen. You can check it out at Blakehicksmusic.com, and read the lyrics below...


Tell Me Who?

Copyright © 2008. Written by Blake Hicks

Most merciful, most just

Most hidden yet most present here with us

Most beautiful most strong, we trust

But we cannot comprehend you, we’re dust

You’re never old, you’re never new

You are the unseen

Decline upon the proud you bring

You seek us out, you gather all things

But you suffer no need, you’re complete

You can be angry, yet serene

So tell me who but the Lord is God.

What refuge can there be but God?

Tell me who but the Lord is God.

What refuge can there be but God?

Tell me who

You welcome all who come to you

But you’ve never lost a one, it’s true

You’re always glad to gain

But you suffer no pain but grieve for wrong

And you owe nothing to anyone