Jun 4, 2009

New Featured Audio

I've had this song sitting on the iPod for a minute, and when I heard it today I was glad that I had it. Give it a listen. You can check it out at Blakehicksmusic.com, and read the lyrics below...


Tell Me Who?

Copyright © 2008. Written by Blake Hicks

Most merciful, most just

Most hidden yet most present here with us

Most beautiful most strong, we trust

But we cannot comprehend you, we’re dust

You’re never old, you’re never new

You are the unseen

Decline upon the proud you bring

You seek us out, you gather all things

But you suffer no need, you’re complete

You can be angry, yet serene

So tell me who but the Lord is God.

What refuge can there be but God?

Tell me who but the Lord is God.

What refuge can there be but God?

Tell me who

You welcome all who come to you

But you’ve never lost a one, it’s true

You’re always glad to gain

But you suffer no pain but grieve for wrong

And you owe nothing to anyone


Anonymous said...

Enjoying this!
-a sister in Detroit

James said...

Yeah, I really like this song as well. You can find it at Noisetrade

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