Jun 19, 2009

Why Church? An Essay Written by David Black

I think this essay piggy backs off the question posed in the "Question of The Day?" recently. In it he sheds some insights on various nuances that we see in the modern system of things and just how detrimental these practices have been. The issue does not appear to be a call to deconstruct institutionalization, it actually appears to be a synopsis of how the Church could be healthier, it's body parts function more adequately, and the model given by scripture implemented in order to benefit the saints.

Here's a quote,

Leadership, thus defined, calls for people who will be catalysts to mobilize the people of God for mission in the world. These people lead best when they themselves model, illustrate, and perform service to the world. On the other hand, leaders must be wary of assuming a “clergy” role in ministry. One reason the so-called laity are so passive is because leaders have made “ministry” and “missions” the professional roles of a few ordained people. Leaders lead best when they do the tasks and teach others to do them. Effective ministry calls for participation by all.

Check out the essay for yourself and form your own opinion. Let me know what you think.

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