Jun 17, 2009

Muslim Outreach Needs Prayer

The training for outreach began today in Romulus at Calvary Church. Tomorrow there will be more training sessions and the day will be filled with door to door outreach in Dearborn. The evening will then begin with a dinner with Josh Mcdowell at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI. This will then be followed with a message called "Bridging the gap of understanding with Muslims." David Wood, an Apologist to Muslims; Nabeel Qureshi, a Former Muslim from Pakistan; Wally Magdangal (See a 10 minute video from his website here), a Pastor in the Saudi Arabian underground church and Josh McDowell, Apologist, Author and Evangelist will be sharing how you can reach your Muslim neighbors and friends with the message of Jesus Christ.

Please lift up in prayer a few things concerning the outreach, first there were a few encounters that have been of nothing but the God kind, showing the preparation and softening of hearts that have become typical occurrences over the past few years with this Muslim outreach, praise God for that! One such occurrence involved a Muslim man sitting at a restaurant table, being approached and spoken to by some of those attending the conference and then telling them his heart is open to the words they have come to speak. He did not contend the deity of Christ in the least bit and will be meeting up with some local ministries to arrange continued discipleship once the training and outreach has ended. Praise God!

Secondly, there has been an agenda from the police to restrict all access and outreach to the festival to one corner. No doubt a response to previous outreaches in years passed, and quite possibly raised by the Muslim Imam's and communities. Today a suit was filed in Federal Court and the ACLJ will be assisting in the advocacy of fist amendment rights. Please pray for these things, we need all the help we can get out there.

God has sent forth labors for the harvest in Dearborn, and while many of you can't or won't be in attendance, you can pray to the Father on our behalf. We ask that you please do. If you can fast, or pray, or both, please do so.


Anonymous said...

Went to the speaking engagement at the Woodside Bible Church in Troy tonight. It was very informative, helpful and convicting! Thanks again for the info!

- a sister in Detroit

James said...

No problem, glad you could make it. Many more showed up than we had thought, and it was an awesome time of fellowship for many of those who hit the streets to reach the Muslims!

PoliticsAsUnusual said...

Why don't you leave them alone?

James said...

Well, Politics, that's a good question. Granted, your presupposition of my interactions with Muslims may hinder you from grasping why I would not leave them alone. That also assumes that you believe that I am bothering them. I suppose the only answer I can then give is that if I truly believe what I say I believe, then I must share what I know as truth with the rest of the world, Muslim or not.

Matthew 28:19, Go therefore and make disciples of l all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you

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