Jun 10, 2009

Muslim Outreach Prayer and Fasting Needed

June 12th, 2009 from 6am to 6pm we will be fasting for the cause of salvation for Muslims. We need as much prayer and support as possible. Please pray or fast or both with us! For those who cannot fast, pray! For those who can do both, thank you and tell a friend! Some things to pray for,

  • Boldness for those who are traveling to Dearborn from across the country to share the Gospel
  • The thousands of Muslims who will hear the Gospel or receive Gospel materials and Gospel's of John during the outreach June 16th to the 22nd.
  • Some financial needs that have yet to be met to cover trip expenditures, pray the Lord will raise the support needed of $6,800.00.
  • Traveling mercies.
  • The local ministries who will be the backbone in support and discipleship for Muslim converts.
  • Unity for the ministry teams.
  • That the Holy Spirit guides and leads those who are leading and gives discernment to watch well.
  • That hearts would be softened, plowed, and opened for the Gospel.
  • Grace with local law enforcement.
  • And also open, powerful, and challenging dialogues in the Mosque; pray for a wide and diverse audience at the Mosque during this time...
  • The fast will be broken at 6pm. Please take time to rejoice in the Lord of our Salvation, Jesus Christ and those who will be drawn to Him during this outreach, and remember the laborers whom He is sending forth!

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