Jun 22, 2009

Dearborn, MI: Arab Festival and the Abrogation of Free Speech

Believe it or not, things are still winding down from the conference. There has been so much going on that it would take days to share all the blessings, trials, speakers, prayers, professions of faith in Christ, and oh yeah the stifling of constitutional freedoms, the silencing of Gospel proclamation, and good ol' fashioned persecution.

Some of the debates went exceptionally well, and some were just a dogs' breakfast, but all of the training and information has been priceless. I can honestly say that for the third year in a row I've become increasingly more concerned about the Muslims here in Dearborn and will be (and in need of yours) prayer regarding the direction of ministry and future evangelism efforts. I hope to be posting some updates about what I've learned, some insights I want to share, and information about the direction I hope to go. Plus, the best part, some stories that are glorifying to God as I witnessed Him raise up many laborers to go into the field to harvest!

In the meantime, check out some of those who were here with us for the debates and to do outreach at the festival. They've had some interesting experiences and would direct you to their blog to hear it in their own words at AnsweringMuslims. I've included the videos from their two most recent posts and encourage you to consider (if you are from Detroit) joining us in reaching our lost Muslim neighbors for Christ!


Anonymous said...


Count me in,
a sister in Detroit

Anonymous said...

I found this link which opened my eyes. I think people need to think twice about what is really going on in this video.


James said...

I agree, that there should be a full attempt to understand what is really going on in the video.

I read your comments and skimmed most of the others. I'd like to eventually respond when I get some time from school.

For those of us that were actually there at the festival, the video only highlights a climax of a whole weekend worth of the same situations. What's not shown are the mutual dialogues that occurred, the one on one conversations, and the time spent teaching others about Muslims and Arab culture.

It is one thing to speculate as a sideline observer, it's another to have been there, or to live here, and interact with these Muslims on a regular basis.

And as default, I do not affirm everything that Acts17 has done in these videos, or blindly say all they do glitters with Gold. But I will let them speak for themselves, check out their response to the criticism on YouTube Here

As always, I look forward to further dialogue regarding this matter, as I too do share concern regarding the true display of Christ's teaching in our LIVES as well as our WORDS, and there is much more to evangelism than tract bombing and christian outreach tourism.

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