May 27, 2009

Moving is a Pain

Been moving these past few weeks, and honestly, I'm so swamped with unpacking and sorting, and organizing, and guess what...decorating. Yep, you'd better believe it. Even better, Wal-Mart makes a cheap decorators dream come true, and the place is looking cozy.

I've got some posts lined up and hope to return here real soon. Until then, I thank all the readers who've been checking back regularly. I also want to give a big thanks to the recent comments and the encouragement they've brought.

See ya in a few!


rachel said...

My husband stumbled across your blog & shared it with me - thanks so much for sharing your story & ministry! God bless.

James said...

Thank you for visiting Rachel, I hope to hear from you two when you visit! I love to converse with my commentators! :)

Lord Bless

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