May 2, 2009

Is It Right?

Life becomes very interesting when you become needful of medical treatment. Then even more interesting when you remember that you are without insurance. Then you recall conversations about why it is harmful for a universal plan subsidized by government entities. Then you receive a bill from the privatized health providers for your latest visit. Then you wish there was some subsidized plan.

And then you remember that $2,000.00 comes oh so easily to those who work like dogs, have no health insurance, and have to make choices of whether or not they should pay an insurance premium, tuition, and/or groceries.

I am sympathizing right now with this very sentiment, because not only do you pay the ER, you have to pay the ER doctor who saw you. So I wonder if they take returnables?

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Arthur Sido said...

As the saying goes, if you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free.

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