May 7, 2009

Share the Truth While You Have it.

I wrote this today while I could still express it in words. Its about a friend who died from an overdose. Its about a friend who once strove to help me and was defeated by the very problems I struggled with. I dreamed he was alive again, and we spoke, and we laughed, and we carried on like we used to. Before we were jaded, before we were enslaved by our lusts. He asked me for help, and I shared what I knew at the time, but has fate would have it, he would die two weeks later. I remember him every day. And, in his memory I am more zealous to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. So that others will hear the truth before their day comes.

Its been four years since I last knew you as friend

Last night I had a dream that I saw you again

This time was different than any other

You knew no difference you never knew your life was over

Its funny how a lifetime can seem like its passed

Its funny since the last we spoke there was a question asked

You wanted to know what was keepin me afloat

You wanted to know how I said no to the dope

Maybe I didn’t know exactly why at the time

And now maybe this is why im writin this rhyme

If only my heart could be felt through this song

You could know how I wish that you never were gone

I wonder if all the tears have been finally wept

I wonder why I keep thinking that theres no more left

But when I grasp at the thought of the desperate chance

The few minutes I would need to share a glance

Of the sight of the kingdom that for eternity will last

With a prayer to the Father for the Son to ask

Remember this one he too is my child,

his repentance has kept him from his life in the wild

He believes in me to pay for his sin,

he has heard my command to not commit it again

It was amazing to see you my friend, it was just us

You were raised from the dead just like Lazarus

We got to sit and hear each other as we spoke

And then before i knew it I had awoke

I still think about that phone call we had my friend

I still remember knowing shortly comin was the end

I wish I had told you of the one who knew

The one who saves, the one who is truth

I wish I had forgotten my fear of men

I wish I said those words just then

Forgive me brother for you my love was true

All the bad we did is never right by the good we do

Its gotta be about Christ the Son,

the eternal begotten and holy one

And now that your lips are sealed and you can no longer ask it

I forever remember the day that they closed that casket.

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