Oct 19, 2009

Paul Washer @ Berean Baptist Missions Conference

If you are looking for sermons from the 2009 Missions Conference at Berean Baptist in Livonia, MI and the messages being given by Paul Washer, you can find them updated daily here. You can also find sermons from Terry McIntosh as well. I hope you are edified by them. It sure has been an encouraging and challenging conference thus far, I'm sure the days ahead will bring further edification from the Word and I ask you to pray that it will cultivate hearts for the lost and inspire a zeal for missions in those who are resisting the call.


Daughter, Arise! said...

I agree that the conference has been challenging. It is really challenging as I listen to the preaching and examine my walk with the Lord. I desire so much more. To all who read this, if you can make it to the remaining sessions, do so. If you have ears to hear, you cannot help but be stretched in your faith and commitment to really living for Christ.

Thank you brother for announcing the conference, I would not have known about it otherwise.

God bless you.

James said...

Hey Sonya,

I thought I saw you there last night. I am glad you are being edified by the conference!

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