Oct 17, 2009

False Professions and Fake Christians

Suso an alleged "mystic" from the 1300's writes,

I tell thee thou art right when thou prayest God to have mercy upon poor Christendom; for know that for many hundred years Christendom has never been so poor or so wicked as in these times; but I tell thee, whereas thou sayest that the wicked Jews and heathen are all lost, that is not true. I tell thee, in these days, there is a portion of the heathen and the Jews whom God preferreth greatly to many who bear the Christian name and yet live contrary to all Christian order... where a Jew or heathen, in any part of the world, hath a good, God-fearing mind in him, in simplicity and honesty, and in his reason and judgment knoweth no better faith than that in which he was born, but were minded and willing to cast that off if he were given to know any other faith that were more acceptable to God, and would obey God, if he ventured body and goods therefore; I tell thee, where there is a Jew or heathen thus earnest in his life, say, ought not to be much dearer to God that the evil, false Christian men who have received baptism, and act contrary to God, knowing that they do so?

I don't know much about the rest of this man's theological positions, but I do know this statement is one I can affirm, and should consider in my own life as well.


Arthur Sido said...

Yes and no. If his point was that pious unbelievers are in favor with God, no. If the point is that men who have been baptized and base their salvation upon that while living wicked, unrepentant lives are an abomination, then yes.

James said...

I gathered that the same sentiment as "Mat 11:22 But I tell you, it will be more bearable on the day of judgment for Tyre and Sidon than for you." Also that there will be those who are redeemed amongst the unregenerate who know nothing more than the religion they have grown up knowing, but for those who lay claim to the name of Christian, and associate with Christ through baptism into a local body, it is far worse than for them, and I dare say even than it would be for those who never come to know Christ at all. (I think i can back that one up with Scripture too)

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