Oct 18, 2009

The Faces of those Awaiting Judgment

At one point or another we have all heard the saying "everyone has their day in court." Many of us, have actually had that luxury. Some have been privileged and experienced several days in court, and may even have more in store for the future. Granted this should not be preferential practice for anyone, for it is never enjoyable to face judgment as a defendant, even more so for those who seem to make more appearances than most.

It was sobering to see them all as I leaned against the wall and they all glanced at the new face that had entered the waiting area. I looked back with awe and recalled my own feelings of fear and anxiety as I too had sat in their seats awaiting judgment for my crime(s). I was often filled with doubts of the freedom I would have when my hearing completed, but held out for hope that the judge would go lightly and give me a 'second chance'.

Because I was there that day to have my record expunged from a crime I had committed in the past I was excited to see the Judge. It was the judge who sentenced me for my guilt just a short five years earlier, and that same Judge was now going to hear my plea for clearance of my record. And just as my previous appearance, my future would be dependent upon the mercy of the court.

I was relieved to not be experiencing the anxiety the other defendants were feeling that day. I had also arrived with an expectation that the will of the Lord would be done that day, and that it would be according to His purposes. Should I not have been cleared I would have still rejoiced that the Lord had saved me from His wrath. The previous five years of my life and the works I have done in them would all be worth it whether they contributed to my expungement or not. I think that there was something to be said for that feeling of grace I felt in the moment I looked upon those faces awaiting judgment. I felt gratitude that I will someday experience that feeling to much greater degree when I see the face of our Lord and King.

O' for that day...

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