Oct 1, 2007

T.D. Jakes and Dr. Phil

It's absolutely astounding to see the things that mainstream $evangelicals$ will do to promote themselves (and their product) these days. Then again, maybe it isn't. The most ridiculous part about seeing Bishop T.D. Jakes on Dr. Phil was not his compromising acceptance of someone who's philosophy propagates another gospel, but that he endorses himself, his book, and the psychological theory of victimization, and vindication of responsibility. Two adults who owned a handgun experience the death of their three year-old son as a result of neglectful care. But they are free of blame, because it was not their fault. It doesn't take a rational, undecided, skeptical, religious, atheist, or post-modern mindset to see this is completely ludicrous. Then again, the idea that any of these positions would say there is no fault by the parents is absurd. I pray that child is in the arms of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

By the way mister Jakes, I find it completely within your agenda and outright rejection of the truth to capitalize on the pain of people as a springboard for your "self-help" word-faith propaganda. Furthermore, you disgrace yourself, your congregation, and anyone who wastes their money on your garbage to deny the eternal healing power of salvation from Jesus Christ. Bishop? Did you even mention his name? Or would that hurt your book sales?

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