Oct 4, 2007

Book Review of "Why Christians can't trust Psychology"

I have just finished reading a book that was on loan to me from Pastor Alan Bates at Warrendale C.C.. It was an interesting read and presented a well balanced and interesting take on nouthetic counseling, integration of psychology with Biblical counsel, and a nicely painted portrait of the conflicts that come when the two worlds meet. While Ed Bulkey's credentials and presentation of his book come under fire by many "psychoheresy" critics I found the read inspiring. Given my choice of work and pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Social Work it provided plenty of much needed information to help me remain aware and guarded against conflicted ideas that attack the Biblical Worldview of man.

Ed Bulkley does a nice job balancing scenarios and examples of the counselor's view of situations and provides an ample amount of information and evidences to inspire further investigation in the area of Psychology. The most important thing that I believe I have taken away from this book is somewhat troubling when its said, but must be properly understood. I believe the idea is this, No matter what side of the fence we are on it appears that in this world we are always getting ideas from the other side of the fence. And believe it or not, air passes through the holes in the fence just as the world's ways seemed to have infiltrated Christian processes, thought, and methods. I would suggest that while we see integration occurring on even the most minute levels of everything we do, we must remain constantly aware that man's main problem is sin and the ultimate solution (only) is Jesus Christ.

My Rating -3/5
Recommending Value - 4/5
Where Can you Get it? - HERE!

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was a very well written book and very interesting. Well documented and easy reading.

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