Oct 22, 2007

Friday at Greektown, Texas Toast, and Broken Cars

You know, sometimes you wonder if you are supposed to continue in what you set out to do on your "own" accord. Are our plans really within the bounds of what Jesus has set for us to do? Will we be doing his will if we persevere and overcome obstacles that he may have placed in our paths to hinder our progress? Or are they temporary set backs that prevent haste and keep us from harm? Possible guarding us against an accident on the freeway? A person in the downtown area that may want to fight? An encounter with the ever faithful Detroit Police? Seriously, how does one know when to pack it up and just go home?

Friday night began that way. Our team meets up in the downtown area and often we come from various areas within a 40 mile radius of the city. In one county, a sister's vehicle quit running and set her back more than expected. On my end of another county I was making provision to get a personally requested Bible for one of our friends in Hart Plaza. When I got the Bible, I got in my vehicle and the steering wheel and ignition completely locked down and would not allow me to start it! This is a newer vehicle and had me completely perplexed. Our sister was able to borrow another vehicle and meet up with the others to journey downtown. I however thought my night was over and it was time to wait on the tow-truck and catch a ride home from them. While waiting for the tow-truck someone came out to talk to me and tried a few "button-combos" on my key-remote and the next thing you know, it started! Now that I was on my way, our sister was on hers, all seemed well. Then upon entry to the freeway I came across an obstacle in the road. This obstacle appeared to be a brand new power/cordless drill that had possibly fallen off of someone's work truck. As I would have loved to keep it, I pulled into the complex that appeared to be the source of the loss and gave the drill to an employee to return to whomever lost it. I pray that it finds it's way back to it's owner.

So we were back downtown in Hart Plaza and Greektown. The night began with the feeding of our friends with some "Thirty" double-cheeseburgers from your favorite local fast food chain. We also hand delivered a special request for a larger print Bible that would be easier for our friend to read. His name was 'Reese'. After speaking with 'Reese' for quite some time he eventually shared with me that he was blown away having only asked for the Bible on Wednesday and having it in his hands on Friday. He said that this was such a powerful testimony and an indicator of the Lord trying to "tell" him something. I'll just take it has praise and glory for our Lord Jesus Christ! After we spoke with some of the regulars for a short time we were soon being invaded by another group of approximately 25+ others from a couple of other Steeple House's that had combined efforts and showed up with several five-gallon buckets of soup and bread for the rest of the homeless people in Hart Plaza. We were grateful for this and decided to move on to preach the gospel in the Greektown casino area.

Accompanying us was a brother from out of town. He came completely prepared with a backpack full of tracts, and unction to share the gospel, and a hope to reach the lost! He had contacted us through the blog site here and informed us that he would be in town this weekend. It was such an incredible blessing to meet and hit the streets with another brother in the Lord. The most intriguing part of this story is our brother in the Lord was here from Texas on business and still made a valiant effort to find some Christians in the are who are actively and biblically taking the gospel to the lost and depraved generation that is in need of the salvation of our Lord. Once we made it to the Greektown area we saw our friend "Mango Pete" on his corner and purchased some food for a couple of the 'regulars' who were attempting to hustle but were fed and given the gospel of Jesus Christ. We moved to a corner and set up there passing out tracts, speaking to those whom would listen, and building each other up with encouragement from the Word!

We were also able to see the mighty power of the Lord move in one of our other brothers who have not been out with us in a while. He is normally quite reserved, observant, and meek. However he was bold as a lion and made sure to pass out as many tracts as possible! This was such an encouragement and a blessing to witness has we all to often falter in our own zeal and allow our inhibitions and fears to clam us up and lock us down. This brother was incredible to watch and it was such a joy to see him doing what we all knew he had in him to do. Soon enough our night was winding down and the rain was beginning to fall. We were sad that it was all over and would have like to fellowship with our "visiting brother" and zealous friend much longer, but happy that all was well and thankful for the Lord's sovereignty.

No decisions, no converts, and no profound miracles manifest themselves before our very eyes, but we did do what we were called to do and praise God for His allowance of our participation in the spreading of His good news. We thank Him, praise Him, and love Him for all that He is, does, and has done in our lives, hopefully in yours, and those whom do not yet know Him.

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