Sep 22, 2007

Friday night in Downtown Detroit

It was a tough decision and a matter of weighing priorities when it came time to make a decision on whether or not to go witnessing downtown this Friday. I have a huge amount of work to catch up on and am quickly becoming overwhelmed. This is my own fault of course, as I have slacked in areas where I should not have, therefore making this decision more difficult. But, the Lord had made it clear in the scriptures to "Go into all the world..." and this is something that burns in my heart and is often a matter of suppressing the call to do the things of worldly accordance.

We made it out to the downtown area approximately 8:30pm and quickly began our walk toward the Greek town area. We spent a few moments their talking with Clyde and sharing the realities of Hell with him. Then there was a serious feeling within that it might be a good idea to go hang out near Comerica park. This proved to be a good idea as there were many people there to speak and hand tracks to. While wandering through the area we came across Lionel whom was begging for change and said he was hungry. He got honest quick and told us he was trying to get a beer. We gave him a nutri-bar and I was able to minister to him about the bondage of alcohol and addiction, his need for the Lord Jesus Christ, and the reality of standing before the Judgment seat on that fateful day he will meet him once and for all.

Lionel responded, and appeared as if he may have sobered up a bit. He said that what we talked about made perfect sense and it was time that he go and think about these things. We parted ways and now ask that you pray for Lionel's salvation with us!

There were some random conversations here and there and all will prayerfully bring forth fruit in some manner if it be the Lord's will. In all reality I am grateful for the fellowship and the opportunity to serve in the mission field for the purpose of seeking and saving the Lost. The Lord set the tone for the day as I began my morning encouraging a brother, in the evening I was able to assist in service some stranded brethren whom were trying to get to their daughters birthday dinner, and culminating all of this with fellowship with the body of believers and doing what the Lord has called us to do....PREACH!

That said, wherever two or more are gathered in my name....

When the two disciples had reached Emmaus and were refreshing themselves at the evening meal, the mysterious stranger who had so enchanted them upon the road, took bread and brake it, made himself known to them, and then vanished out of their sight. They had constrained him to abide with them, because the day was far spent; but now, although it was much later, their love was a lamp to their feet, yea, wings also; they forgot the darkness, their weariness was all gone, and forthwith they journeyed back the threescore furlongs to tell the gladsome news of a risen Lord, who had appeared to the by the way.

-Daily Help by Charles H. Spurgeon

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