Sep 17, 2007

I am not slacking, I promise!

You may be wondering, where are the updates? Where are the posts? No snazzy commentary? Well to be brutally honest, I have been committing more time to my devotions and learning from the word. I'll have to say that I enjoy fellowship with the Lord much more than fellowship with my computer screen and keyboard. However, I will say that I also enjoy very much the ability to interact with my readers or anyone else who may just stop by.

This week I'm diving into Acts 5:1-11 and have been challenged by a viewpoint that has been in opposition to the one I was "holding". This viewpoint has so dramatically been challenged, the evidence has been so well presented, and my opinion has been officially deemed "mashed potato". Not even lumpy, but more like a terrible mixture of instant potato's that have had too much water added to them. Yes, this is true, I said it. I am currently in limbo on my understanding of this text, but am definitely in change mode.

Presupposition Alert! The understanding I had and the one I am coming to establish rests with this, is it possible to be born again and stay that way? If this is so, how does it effect how we see this text? If you are born again, and willing to look at how you see yourself in light of God's will, grace, and wraith, would you see this text has a false conversion story or a just judgement and example being set? More on this later....I'm sure

Until then, time management is the chore, homework is the burden, but I still Love the Lord Jesus and man is his wisdom awesome!

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