Dec 28, 2007

A Course in Humility?

Ever experience a day where you just know something is going to go wrong? Not wrong in the manner that things don't go the way you desire them to, but wrong in the manner that something bad is going to happen, and it just gets worse. That's a slight hint of how it felt this morning. The twist? It was as if everything was gonna be just fine, then the comfort is shattered by the thought of it being way too good to be true.

Today was an exception to the rule, be prepared for anything. Being a fast-food manager you tend to think on the fly, and sometimes react in ways you had no idea you were capable. There is also a laundry list of things that I could rattle off that would attribute to what went wrong, but I'd rather focus on what went right.

At approximately 10:45 this morning the crew at work were preparing for the lunch rush. There was instruction from the store supervisor to check the plug on one of the grill units that were malfunctioning before spending the money on a service call. Well, doing this was just not a smart decision amidst all the chaos of switching from breakfast to lunch and dealing with all the other intangibles that were beginning to accumulate. Somewhere in all that confusion, the supervisor's decision resulted in the breaking of a "gas connector" in the back of the grill. I smelled gas in the front of the store service area and went to see if I could "assist" in remedying the problem. As I reconnected the gas hose and assured it was properly fastened, I turned the gas back on and flipped the switch on the grill.

Well, you may have guessed by now, but if you haven't, the excess gas ignited. As I was lying on my side with my head and arm underneath said grill unit a humongous fireball careened down the back of the grill, rushed underneath it, and just merely flirted with my face and skin. The moment I seen and felt the heat and flame rush toward me I somehow managed to accept it for what it was, and didn't sense any real imminent threat. In that split second of insanity as the flames retreated away from my face and back up the rear of the grill, I rolled out from underneath looked up at the crew and told everyone to immediately vacate. I don't think I've ever seen my crew move that fast. That was amazing. Everyone got out safely and the emergency fire suppression system functioned as it was supposed to.

The irony in all of this is the mere idea that when people in a drive-thru witness the store's crew running out of it, they sit there waiting for their food. Some of them, even when told to hurry and leave resorted to asking "why". I'm not sure if the panicked tone in my voice conveyed the necessity of urgency or not, but they sure didn't get it. When the fire and police arrived on scene and made sure all was alright we gathered in the parking lot to await clearance from the fire Marshall to re-enter the building. Customers continued to pull into the parking lot and to the drive-thru despite the two firetrucks, three squad cars, and an ambulance. The best part is that they kept asking me as I sat at the driveway instructing them to keep moving if we were open.

Nevertheless, the lack of concern by the upper management, the half-hearted apology by the owner, and the neglected maintenance and upkeep of the store are all issues that kind of added injury to insult. A few straggling customers asked if we were ok, but generally, everyone cared more about their big macs and French-fries more than whether the store was on fire or not. Let alone whether the crew were all o.k..

I find the comment "It's a miracle" by all those who count my lack of injury good fortune slightly humorous. But its assuring to know that it really isn't a miracle at all. Is it? His vast mercy and Grace shown to those whom He knows are His is the miracle. Jesus Christ was merely doing what He does everyday. The thought that if I were to die on the floor this morning was not troubling at all. I actually cracked a smile a majority of the time I pondered it. While slightly shaken and angered at the injustice of my "employer" and their policies, I count it joy to be in Christ Jesus and that I would've gone home to glory.

This whole experience really causes me to reflect on the notion that mankind is completely ignorant and blinded by his own sin and rebelliousness. We can observe anything when involves the end result of our own treatment or pleasure being affected, but when it comes to the observation of the true nature of this world system and the nature of its evil they turn a blind eye to it. If hindsight is 20/20 and we can only see truth when we look upon it in the past tense, then I rejoice in the truth of the Lord's word. He has eradicated any tense being placed upon His truth as it is eternal. He has revealed the truth needed to free mankind from his self-made prison and reveal the true love and knowledge of reconciliation with our creator. A flaming fire-ball to the face has nothing on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ! PRAISE HIM!

I am humbled by His majesty and His mercy. Today could've been it for me. Not too often do you come face to face with something so destructive and inhuman as this and walk away with true knowledge of its purpose. The Lord is glorified in all things, and in all things, I seek to give Him what is due Him. Today I will heed this lesson. I thank Him for it. Pray for those who are blind to the truth in Christ Jesus today. Pray they understand the truth in Him revealed through creation and His word.

And remember,

(Rom 1:20) For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

They have been given the warning, the truth, and the necessary information to draw a conclusion. The question really is, do they really hear it?

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