May 7, 2008

Red Alert - Nature Vs. Nurture

From His Book 'The Church' p.148, Edmund P. Clowney writes regarding the nurture of The Church,

The new life in Christ is a life of love, not 'sloppy agape' - not sentimental gush, but strong sacrificial love, ready to pay the price of service. Cultivating such love requires practice, but it must flow from the deepest spring of devotion to Christ. More the fruit of prayer than of programmes, it is gained in obedience as the church serves the prisoner and the outcast, the lonely and the friendless, the Forgotten in London, New York and Mexico City, the lost in Bangladesh, the starving in Africa - yes, and the neighbours across the street, those in the suburbs who have found no higher goal than money and amusement.

Tosses the self-absorbed, better me, best life now message right out the window does it not? This kind of sacrifice would mean a total change of human nature is necessary.

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