May 12, 2008

Off the Top O' My Head

I am not a theologian
nor Catholic Roman
I don't think I'm all knowin
and I'm sure that i'm still growin.

I'm weak and bound by flesh
and every sin I resist is a test
to flee temptation I'll do my best
but without Him I have no rest.

Not being perfect and under the law
as a human will be my fatal flaw
but the Lord of Glory sure foresaw
that He'd save me and that'd be all.

No more need for my own perfection
I now know the author of my redemption
to the cross of Calvary I now set my affection
and the Savior upon it is now my obsession.

So remember the plea I now set before you
grace is the key and remedy I appeal to
the plank and the splinter will not do
but removal of them both will bless the two.

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