May 20, 2008

I Know, Let's Play Church!

The news of hearing about teachers, ministers, elders, and pastors in positions of leadership that abuse their office, or in my opinion neglect it, is often very prevalent. But, how often does it become ultimately real when you witness a loved one or close friend who becomes a victim of it?

It is not to say that the direct abuse of these positions is the causality of deterring people from attending fellowship with other believers, as true believers will seek and find fellowship with others. But the case being made here is that it's completely frustrating to see men in an office of overseer or elder and be completely neglectful of their wife and their family.

As a sibling, and a follower of Christ, I am appalled and angry with the abuse that I've witnessed. Not physical abuse, but blatant neglect because men are much too content with "playing" church then they are satisfied in serving Christ. Maybe they've forgotten to read their Bibles.


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