May 27, 2008

Movement: Detroit Outreach

This past weekend was the annual Detroit Electronic Music Festival, or newly known as "Movement." As thousands of music fans, citizens of it's subculture, locals, and suburban pilgrims descended upon Hart Plaza and the inner-city. While techno/electronica beats thumped into the airspace above one of America's worst cities. While many found joy and ecstacy through the repetitious music and beats that invoked trance like states and sensuous behavior the thought of their last breath or their eternal state grew further and further from their minds.

If you've found this post unintentionally, please check this out for curiosity's sake?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday there were various believers out making an attempt to reach some, if any, just one person with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many tracts and Gospels were distributed, one to one conversations were had. There were even quite a few conversations with believers who took tracts to distribute and were encouraged to go and share their faith as well! Please pray for all those who received tracts, Gospel literature, and prayer this week. And especially remember one in particular, let's just call her the Anti-Yahweh Lady. We run into her and her "people" at almost every outreach we do and she hates God adamantly. I attempted to show her that her hatred does not affect my love for her soul and I pray that it provides a witness of my Savior's grace in me.

If you are in the Detroit area, a believer in Christ Jesus, and interested in doing local outreach, please contact me HERE.

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