May 30, 2008

Featured Sermon/Audio - Conference Messages

Once in awhile, there's a sermon that helps you deal with some hard things. Sometimes, there's a sermon that hits the nail on the head. Often, the Lord speaks directly to you through the proclamation of His Eternal Word. But there also comes a time when a message does more than make you go hmm, It makes you rejoice and be glad that the Lord has chosen the preaching of His word as a communication of His oracles. And lastly, there are always those sermons that help you paint a clearer picture of just what it takes to walk in righteousness and how to live a life that conveys a better testimony of His work in you! Here are one of those sermons...

Title: New Attitude Conference 2008 (Memorial 9Day Weekend)
Speaker(s) : Josh Harris, Mark Dever, Al Mohler, C.J. Mahaney, Eric Simmons, and John Piper
Message Delivered @: Memorial Weekend 2008
Download: Visit the New Attitude Live Blog for the List of Fresh New Messages!

Description: This year at Na 08 we’ll rediscover the well-worn pages of our Bibles. We’ll spend time considering the certainty, sufficiency, and relevance of God’s word – that it may become to us a joy and our delight.

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