May 4, 2008

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Once in awhile, there's a sermon that helps you deal with some hard things. Sometimes, there's a sermon that hits the nail on the head. Often, the Lord speaks directly to you through the proclamation of His Eternal Word. But there also comes a time when a message does more than make you go hmm, It makes you rejoice and be glad that the Lord has chosen the preaching of His word as a communication of His oracles. And lastly, there are always those sermons that help you paint a clearer picture of just what it takes to walk in righteousness and how to live a life that conveys a better testimony of His work in you! Here are one of those sermons...

Title: Discerning the Graymatters
Speaker : Eric Simmons
Ministry: Covenant Life Church (Singles Pastor)
Message Delivered @: New Attitude 2007 Conference
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Can I have a beer with dinner? Can I watch the movie and just fast-forward past the sex scene? Can I smoke a cigar with my father, who’s not a Christian? How tight is too tight? Can I buy the expensive car?

These and many other areas of our lives can seem like the “gray areas.” If the Bible doesn’t give any rules for these, does God really care?

As Eric Simmons shows us in this message, in God’s eyes there’s no such thing as gray. With hard work and constant practice, we can learn to discern between good and evil—even when it’s not easy.

Eric gives three principles for helping us practice biblical discernment: think biblically, distrust your heart, and imitate the Father.

Humble orthodoxy means applying Scripture to our lives—even in the gray areas.

This was the fifth message delivered at the 2007 New Attitude conference.

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