May 22, 2008

Patience is Knowing Your Place

Being a fast food manager is a trial laden profession to persevere. I would not necessarily call this an esteemed vocation, nor would I encourage anyone to pursue it. Initially my thoughts about donning the manager's tie, the stuffy shirt, and clever little name tag that says "manager" on it are anxious and apprehensive. Often when this ritual begins, the thoughts of another day (or night) of stress are about to commence. I wish that I could say that it is the wage I earn that makes me uncomfortable with the job, but that is not the case. I've actually attempted to remedy that in many ways by pursuing raises. These attempts have only been met with humbling experiences that make me realize my selfish efforts have done nothing more than provide a temporary masking of the obvious. The job is still stressful. So, money is not going to fix this problem.

Understanding that patience is knowing my place means that I know waiting on the Lord is the best option. Knowing His Sovereignty is at work in the world and in my life enables me to immediately revere His grace and mercy. It empowers me to know that when I am being impatient, I am resentful that my will is not what is being done. When I am impatient, I am not trusting that He is King and I am but a slave. My impatience is essentially my rebellious nature warring against His will and my place in it.

What then shall I do? I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, His providential will, and my calling to whatever vocation He has placed me in. In this placement I shall be a faithful minister of the Word, and strive to make disciples of every tribe, tongue, and nation! Be it McDonaldland, tourists to it's borders, or it's natives (workers). I shall be a servant of my Lord and rejoice in the privilege of participating in His great commission!

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