May 14, 2008

Friday Night Witnessing

Last Friday night was eventful. There were no fantastic light shows, no collection plates passed after emotional pleas, and no sinner's prayer admonitions to the masses. But there was an outpouring. That's right, an outpouring. What kind of outpouring? Is it anything like Florida's? Were the signs and wonders in our midst? Man, not the kind you would expect to see. As a matter of fact, Team Pyro has affectionately penned a response to "Revival" in the context of Florida HERE. I would encourage you to check that one out.

I digress, the outpouring involved the Holy Spirit's move amongst the redeemed to encourage them to reach out to the lost around them. This outpouring also involved the bringing together of saints from different cities, churches, and backgrounds. The unity was in the preaching of Christ Crucified. The venue was the thousands of people that flooded the streets of downtown Detroit. The tools were tracts, open-air preachings, and one to one conversations. One brother, Benny seemed to be drawn into several conversations one after another, while some of us had none.

Altogether it was a good night. We enjoyed some fellowship in the lobby of a local hotel in which one of the security guards allowed us to congregate hassle free. The most interesting thing that I personally witnessed was the encouragement come from God through the guard that allowed me to use the facilities/restroom with his key card, considering I was not a hotel guest, this was awfully nice of him. Knowing that my brethren labor downtown regularly his comment was edifying, confirming, and no doubt uplifting to the highest. In response to my thanking him, he replied, "No problem, as long as you are with those guys, you are more than welcome, I know what you guys have been doing." Can I end that with an amen?

Please pray for the tracts that went out, hearts to be opened unto Him, and for strength, guidance, and mercy for those who faithfully minister His words.

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if this blog were a bone it would be humerus said...

James, I seem to recall you telling me something about what the guard said, but at two in the morning, I was quite exhausted. Praise God for that! What a witness for that man! Perhaps the Lord is working on him. He's definitely using him whether he knows it or not, to allow his Saints to gather! :D Hopefully, we "run into" him again, eh?

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