May 16, 2008

An Ocean of Sinners, and One Light, The Savior.

Wednesday evening brought about some interesting observations. Last week I was asked by my employer to be present at an awards banquet given for the class of 2008 at the high school adjacent from my job. Coincidentally, this is also my Alma Mater. It is also quickly approaching my ten year class reunion. Alas, I am but a pup to many, but to myself, age is coming quickly. My bones tell me so, trust me. Anyway, I was asked to fill in for a position that couldn't be occupied by our scholarship committee chair and I obliged.

After receiving the pre-written speech to be used at the banquet I was appalled and quickly asked permission to deviate. My supervisor said she trusted me, so I took the green light. Granted all the conditions were palatable for making me a nervous wreck I was able to pull off what I hoped to be glorifying to God. My stay at this school was not one of honor and scholarly dedication. Many of my old instructors were present and most remembered me. It was graduation by the skin of my teeth. Nevertheless, I chose to speak briefly on human culture's dedication to exalt self in such a way that to achieve security is the goal. This goal is elusive and amounts to being of absolutely no use to anyone else because you're too busy satisfying yourself. Our achievements are only satisfactory in a moment to moment basis and the payoff is temporary in light of eternity.

I presented a scholarship to a deserving candidate, and shortly afterward I spoke to her personally and gave her a New Testament. I made note that it was from me and not the organization I represented. I hope she was listening to what I was telling her, and I pray that she reads that New Testament to hear the words of life before she embarks on a journey into one of the most hostile environments I've ever been in. Academia.

Whats the contrast here? If you don't see it let me share one last observation. The valedictorian of the class, whom was well celebrated and won many awards, made out well. She received much acclaim from her peers and teachers. However, she has in my personal experience with her disrespectful behavior. Of the many students I've asked to leave the lobby at work, she is one of them. Yet, we as a culture praise accomplishments instead of God. Go figure. Makes me think about how a notorious murderer and infamous gang founder was revered by many in his ethnic community for writing children's books.

Thank You Jesus Christ, For Being Our Only Hope.

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