Aug 13, 2008

You and Your Daughter are Prostitutes...Of The Flesh (Pt.1)

It is an ever growing trend that many are well aware of. This trend not only is openly accepted and widely encouraged, but it is also fiercely lethal and increasingly growing out of control. What we do not know is that this poison that is deadly in all it's capacities also has the ability to masquerade and disguise itself. What could something so inherently fatal disguise itself as? I'll tell you what it's facade is. It's facade is known as a social norm.

Social norms are rules that are socially enforced. This enforcement usually occurs when society's general consensus and opinion determine that something is socially acceptable and passes as a "norm". These norms often result in a higher and more lethal strain of this poison when it develops itself into what is known as a more (morr-ay). A more derives from a socially practiced custom instead of a culture's laws or "commandments".

Now that you know what it is that I am discussing here let me answer your question of what it is being labeled. While it would be interesting to go into an exhaustive dissertation on the many things that conflict with my worldview in this area of discussion, I won't. I believe I just might save that for a school assignment. Nonetheless, the main point of concern I would like to address is the young female population (and their parents).

I will save you the runaround tail-chasing blame game that we tend to place on the media and other popular paparazzi influences (I'm not saying they are exempt) and go directly to my personal experience. In Romans 7:13, Paul the Apostle noted in that knowledge of sin made sin exceedingly sinful. This by knowledge of the commandments would cause one much guilt for committing such deeds. While the war wages on and the light of Christ reflects in the soul of the redeemed, the enemy shores up his strongholds with the deterioration of self-respect and value. The nation's tolerance and consumption of smut, vulgarity, pornography, and half-naked celebutants is setting a bad example. If you happen to be a member of the male sex you can't help but notice that we may as well equip ourselves with blinders and a cane, hoping someone will help us cross the street.

The "norm" has been whatever makes you happy is what you should do. This is exhibited in the youth of our nation doing exactly that and becoming enslaved by their ignorance, inexperience, outside influence, and out of control lustful desires. In doing so they are shedding more clothing and donning more erotic, revealing, and filthy rags. These young women who are partaking in this norm mostly unaware are not being warned or instructed by their parents, as their parents are endorsing and encouraging the behavior with their own. So now this "norm" is mutating into an out of control monster known as a "more". This more is now acceptable regardless of the opinion of the law, church, or other sensible forms known as morals. Now that the "more" is setting itself in for a long winter's hibernation we as a society and those who are Christians (especially) are having less influence as time goes on. This in part is also greatly compounded by the role being played by the church, and that a large portion of the demographic we have just discussed attends every Sunday and Wednesday.

When will we say something to them? Since when is it Ok for a half-naked teenage girl to hug and hang on her grand-daddy youth leader? Why is it tolerable for church youth to give each other full-frontal hugs and bear hugs that allow the young man to be completely aware of the younger lady's body? Why does it feel wrong that you may be the only person who finds it unacceptable in a place supposedly devoted to worshiping a Just and Holy Creator? Why do female mothers, professed believers, and sisters who stand by silently, think it is acceptable for women to wear shirts that reveal as much cleavage as a porn mag brazenly left out for us to see in our local gas stations in the fellowship of saints? Worse yet why allow their pre-teen daughters to wear skirts that are shorter than most, and I say MOST prostitutes walking the stroll on West Jefferson? They show skin for heroin and crack, why is your daughter (or you) showing hers?

Part 2 will post 12:00 AM Midnight, ET.

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