Aug 19, 2008

Pardon Me, Let Me Sweep Up That Mess.

Posts here of late have been misunderstood very easily and the things said regarding specific topics often strike raw nerves with some. It is also easily seen as being too general in statement. I would implore with any readers who believe this to be so, to please consider some things. Is the post specific to a certain individual, situation, or dilemma? Or is the post geared toward approaching an issue that is vast in it's reach, wide in it's occurrence, and problematic for the Church overall? These two questions would do well when you read what I post. The reason it sounds broad, is because it is. If you localize something that is not intended to be localized it causes one to take issue and personal resentment toward what is said. Then it sounds accusatory and one may feel wronged or offended by it. If it becomes a matter of personal conviction and you feel you are being attacked by the sentiment or information written about, I would ask you to read the post and see if it includes your name in there. If it does not, your conviction is not my responsibility. However, if there is conviction, then you should examine yourself against the Holy Scriptures and place faith in Christ to lead in your decision making regarding that conviction.

If I have caused offense to any individual, I humbly ask forgiveness. If I have created a stumbling block for anyone, I also ask forgiveness in that. But, if you are offended because you have personalized what was not intended for you, let me remind you that your expectations are not my responsibility. The Lord's are.


Michael R. Jones said...


So you've attended a church regularly for several weeks now and then begin a series of posts in which you call professing Christians (your sisters in Christ) whores, refer to the church as a strip club (I acknowledge that you didn't call the church by name), and criticize the pastor (the "unnamed pastors and elders," not any certain one in partcular) for not addressing it (when you could not possibly know if he addressed it or not) and now you are shocked! SHOCKED! that anyone was offended and you turn it on them and blame them for taking it personally.

Come on, James, you're smarter than this.

James said...

As the post said my friend. If it doesn't name you, your conviction is not my responsibility. The origination of these posts was February 2nd, 2008. This is a re-post.

Honestly, I am not shocked, I insinuated, nor implied anything that would indicate that I am shocked. Regarding criticism, we would do ourselves a greater justice if we would examine things much further than we do.

And if the issue had been addressed, and done so according to scripture, than the problem would be set apart from the church, because a failure to comply with an address of the problem would result in what? Church Discipline would it not? Then why would the same sinning members still reside in the presence of the congregation that is not guilty of these sins?

If the presence of Christ is in the Worship of the Saints, how is it that we find it so acceptable for sin to run amuck in our midst yet preach that it is intolerable for the world to do it? This is hypocrisy friend..

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