Aug 9, 2008

Broken Church Windows, Discipline, and A Little Faith

Arthur Sido at his Blog has commented on an article posted on World Magazine's Website. The article was stumbled upon just moments after a conversation related to the very topic we had shared about for quite a few hours. It is one of utmost importance. There is something to be learned from all of this, and realistically, it is tied to Church Discipline in the body moreso than any other thing.

Arthur Writes...

It is easy to poke at the problems, it is harder to get back to the Word and be part of the solution. The whole house church movement is dedicated to tossing rocks at the church and smugly feeling pious because they are not "steeplehouse people". You can’t reform the church from the outside, throwing rocks at the church building and breaking more windows. If it is true that the vast majority of those attending and in membership in local churches are unregenerate, then preach the Gospel to them! Confront them with their sin and point them to the cross. Why will some preach the Gospel everywhere BUT the church?! Does the Holy Spirit stop at the church door? Do the unregenerate in the church frighten and cow the fearless evangelist?

Check out his post to read more, and if you like, here is a back link to posts on the same topic here at Deliver Detroit.

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