Aug 22, 2008

Please Listen Carefully and Understand...

To issue a decree of peace surrounding the recent blogs and comments, I've removed all negative commentary or further posting of comments on the recent blogs. The spirit in which I had intended to deliver the initial posts regarding modesty in the Church were fully intended on commenting, describing, and addressing the specific issue of the Church as a whole entity. In light of such matters it is also a severe case of what we shouldn't do when we are trying (as we always should be) to glorify God.

It is of my admission and understanding that these posts could have been entirely understood to be directed at a particular local body, and even to individuals personally. This was never the case, intent, or purpose of these posts. If you are a visiting, referred, or regular reader I would encourage you to read archives to get a feel for the purposes and the content of a majority of posts that have been shared here at Deliver Detroit.

In the latter half of the second "prostitute" post, I described and did all that I felt necessary to imply the necessity of love in such matters. Love is of utmost importance in correction and in affirmation of each other as believers.

As covered by Jen, in the introduction of the very first posting, and in a guest post still yet to come, I pray that you will see the heart of the matter and the intent of covering this topic. Sometimes coincidence seems to dictate the story, but doesn't necessarily mean that it is.

Some things to remember about the posts in question that were at the heart of my point. These are what I wanted to communicate, but may have not done that well enough, and humbly ask forgiveness from all who were offended, stumbled, or surprised at such a directed response.

1. That the implication of church discipline upon believers (or false professors) sinning openly after proper address from believers is the precedent.

2. Although immodest dress is never explicitly listed as being a punishable offense, it becomes sin when it is addressed and the behavior still occurs in disobedience to the correction/teaching and is an outward sign of an inward rejection of truth and authority in church discipline. Rejection and no indication of repentance upon such confrontation is punishable by being shunned, denied benefits of intimate christian fellowship and treat them as if they were a "Gentile and a Tax Collector."

3. Lastly, the sole purpose of likening worldly things to christian behavior in the fellowship was intended to bring a correlation that has become seemingly blurred in a majority of fellowships everywhere. This line is drawn by the difference of Christ's Bride (the Church) and the World System. While the line starts disappearing and the Bride's purity becomes more and more compromised, it become adopted and accepted as normal behavior, debasing the testimony and the ability of the Church to be Salt and Light to the world.

What was being addressed is a clear line that is drawn by holiness but now marred by culture. For many persecuted Christians worldwide, making a profession in Jesus Christ could result in instant martyrdom. Having to meet in secret and underground for safety from persecution should encourage us to ponder the thought that these believers lay down everything for their profession. Those who do not believe, simply put, will not make an insane profession that will cost them their lives in order to have social status and happiness every Sunday or Wednesday evening. They profess Christ because they have been redeemed and laying down one's life for the redeemed is a cost worthy paying.

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