Aug 1, 2008

Minus Wisdom Teeth = No Wisdom?

The most annoying sound in the world. Ever heard it? Maybe you have. If you've ever had dental work done, I think the resonating sound of a drill grinding your teeth in your head will top the chart. What's worse is being under a local anesthetic and not feeling a thing except your face being stretched and expanded beyond it's normal elasticity while dwelling on how much pain you will be in the following day. I can't help but think that whenever you receive dental work of this nature that the sympathetically toned "I'm Sorry" from the Dental staff should be outlawed from their vocabulary. Are they really sorry? Poke, sorry! Stab, sorry! Ohhhh, I know it hurts, sorry. YANK SORRY, OUCH SORRY.

Someone explain to me why we have wisdom teeth again? What is so wise about embedded, impacted thousand dollar oral surgeries anyway?

Oh well, what's the use complaining anyway. What's done is done. Now I have an excuse for not being wise. I left it at the dentist's office in a pool of blood. Can I sue for that?

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