Aug 8, 2008

Hit The Road Jack

Three and 1/2 years. Honestly, is the longest I've ever held one single job in one single place. There was a time when I was in the Union and moved from company to company, but was with the Union for a considerable amount of time. Other than that, it's safe to say that my career has been one of many trades and I've become a handy man with enough experience in everything to seriously mess things up, or luck out and do an incredible job.

But, lately I've been dabbling as a Manager at a McDonald's Restaurant in the Metro-Detroit area. This job is far harder than many think it may be, and customers don't give simple humane respect to any of it's employees, this just seems to be the normative manner accepted by our culture. Then again, I would say McDonald's is guilty of creating this perspective for individuals by harnessing the fast food service industry and maxing it to it's fullest potential. Seriously, McDonald's has got it down to a science, and they get better and better every day. If you are curious about how it feels to work behind the counter of McD's, check out this Dilbert cartoon on YouTube. While it has been a great experience learning how to micro manage many different personalities, the payoff just doesn't seem like it's worth it. Then again, for a convicted felon coming out of Jail and in need of a job, I was fortunate they even gave me a shot, let alone that I still hold the record for most write-ups in the store's history and made it to Management. That's irony. But, I'm glad for the resume reference it provides, the life experience it's provided, and the perceptional paradigm shift that is experienced when you are humbled by a "Big Breakfast" being hurled at you because it's not the right order. Seriously, people forget that statistically speaking, one out of the thousands of orders in a single shift served are going to probably be an error and need correction. But it's my fault anyway, so smile, and have a nice day!

Now, moving on to the intent of this post. At the time of this posting, it is officially my last day of employment with McDonald's restaurant. I am moving on down the road. I've actually taken a slight pay cut in the hopes of receiving training that will prove more valuable down the road. How this fit's in with my Social Work education and ministry I am not sure yet, but this opportunity is much more promising than McDonald's. It also will provide me with a place to excercise the gifts and talents I enjoy using while in an atmosphere that is not as insane as Airport Restaurant traffic and $1500.00 hour rushes that make you want to fall over and die. Did I also mention the relief that I may have some sense of dignity when I'm in the company of co-workers that MIGHT respect you as a human being? Enticing to say the least.

I am grateful, McDonald's has provided many witnessing opportunities, great relationships with me fellow managers, and bonds that were developed through team work that showed it's strengths when the rubber hit the road. Unfortunately, McDonald's as an organization is making some corporate moves that are respite with immoral endorsements of the homosexual agenda and not something I would willfully affiliate with If I were to have a choice in the matter. And forntualtely enough, the Lord has provided an unsolicited chance for me to move on quietly and comfortably. Check out this video that just shows the tip of the iceberg. It is fresh from the island of Dr. Moreau (California). And they said they were culturally neutral, not anymore! Guilt by association anyone?

Oh well. Life is life, please pray for my new job, and give praise to the name of Jesus for His provision in all things, blessing or not. Amen!

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