Aug 16, 2008

Daily Help from Charles H. Spurgeon - August 16th

Question: How is that those who live holy lives do it with such joy?

The lives of some of God's people fill us with holy astonishment. Strange and marvelous are the ways which God used in their case to find his own. Blessed be his name, he never relinquishes the search until the chosen are sought ought effectually. They are not a people sought to-day and cast away to-morrow. Almightiness and wisdom combined will make no failures; they shall be called "Sought out!" That any should be sought out, is matchless grace, but that we should be sought out is grace beyond degree! We can find no reason for it but God's own sovereign love, and can only lift up out heart in wonder, and praise the Lord that this day we wear the name of "Sought out."

-Charles H. Spurgeon

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