Aug 21, 2008

Some Encouragement In Light Of Scorn

Jen (Reformed Sheology) has commented something I wanted to share with everyone who has been following the series of posts lately. By no means do the commentary and the postings do any justice in reflecting the purpose of what I had intended. If that be so, shame on me for not being concise. But my Sister in Christ has shared her heart and burden as well and gives a little more illumination of the heart of the matter I had intended to convey, her comment was as follows.


I would like to thank you for sharing your heart with us. I also want to say that I know how difficult it must be to take up this issue as a man. Because the feminist movement has destroyed biblical gender roles in our culture, most women do not want to hear this coming from a man. In fact, most women do not want to hear these things from anybody.

I’ve written more than once about the powers of persuasion God has given women and how, instead of using them to influence men in a godly way, we choose instead to manipulate men for our own gain. Many women deliberately choose their clothing in order to gain the attention of men. This, I think, is the real heart of the issue. Modesty isn’t about how we dress. One’s wardrobe is only a symptom of the problem. Immodest dress is nothing more than a means to gain attention by saying, “Look at me!” This is what the Bible calls vanity, and it is a heart issue that must be addressed.

I think your post, “Prostitutes of the Flesh (Pt.1)” explains why we have become numb to the fact that this is sinful, and that is, because it has become the social norm for people to see women hanging out of their clothes. Third wave feminism has basically encouraged women to look at pornography as a way to be empowered. These attitudes have naturally spilled out into society and also into the Body of Christ, dulling our senses as to what is and is not immodest.

God has called men to be spiritual leaders, both in the home and in the church. In a day and age where so many fathers are absent and unable to protect their daughters from a culture that wants to prey upon them, I thank you for taking leadership on this issue.

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