Apr 3, 2008

Why reconciliation?

In light of some previous posts, I have decided to continue exploring the Scriptural teaching in matters of church discipline and reconciliation between believers. I find this no small irony that several others in the blogosphere have saw fit to explore this topic either. That said, because I have very little time to create a unique post, I will point you in the direction of some blogs that have posted some helpful and enlightening information on the matters.

Pulpit Magazine - "Let Them Know or Let It Go?" - John MacArthur
Are there any biblical principles to help us make the right choice? Yes! Here are six guidelines to help you know whether to quietly forgive or to lovingly confront.

Parchment and Pen - "A Case Study in Church Discipline." - C. Michael Patton
Julie, a long standing member of your church (non-denominational) and a good friend, asks to meet with you. She has always been a rather quiet and unhappy person, but this day she seemed more upbeat. You meet her for lunch as she has told you that wants to share with you some news. The news, however, comes as a shock and produces quite a dilemma.

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