Apr 7, 2008

I Believe! Right?

The nagging conscience can be one of the most annoying things I have ever endured. It ranks up there with the screeching of chalk on a blackboard. Worse yet, I would consider it in league with that fly that you keep missing with the flyswatter, it's continuous buzzing, and the flight path routed next to the same ear on ten-second intervals. Now in retrospect, this annoyance is also one of our greatest tools as Christians. Morally, this should provide the ways and means by which we gauge our decisions, thoughts, and actions. Of course, given our conscience is bound by the Word of God.

In daily struggle against that all too aware conscience of mine, I often come across the faith battle. This encounter sends my mind spiraling off into a war waged over faith. Do I believe what I say I believe? Is it really so that these things are as I understand them? Am I just a fool that has no real concept of the Sovereign Creator I call Christ? These things often trouble me. Intriguingly, when asked questions of the same nature from antagonistic, scoffing, and ridiculing persons, I confidently and appropriately appeal to the answers provided in Scripture. But, when faced with internal inquisition, I stumble and fall, often faltering to SELF.

This could turn into a drastically long exposition that I'm sure would be wonderful journey into the details of the Word. But, I've chosen to leave that part up to you! While I've been pondering and meditating on this dilemma almost everyday I stopped for a breather and read Tabletalk from Ligonier Ministries today.

Today's devotional entry hit the proverbial nail, dead on the head. The mention of Matthew 8:23-27 and Jesus' control of the elements provides powerful testimony to the power of God in the Incarnate Son. However, the simplest aspect of such awesome displays and sovereignty over chaos and destruction are dwarfed by the humble display of faith illustrated by Jesus. See, I never look at that part in this passage; it's usually glossed over with a minimal look of concern and overshadowed by the power used to control the storm.

Verses 24-25 illuminate the point I'm trying to make. (24) Jesus' sleeping amidst such noise and chaos occurring around Him shows His sleepy, tired, and worn-out condition in the state of a Man. But, His calming of the sea and the sound of His command (25) demonstrate His power as God. In between these two points we hear Jesus' properly assess the condition of the panicked disciples and inquire about their lack of faith. Oh, how I am that disciple. The faith of Jesus in the Father can be shown in His sleep amidst such clatter. While the disciples (me) question the control that our Savior has of our lives, even while He is right with us, He continues to demonstrate the example we are to seek after.

So, outside the potential that lies behind an exposition of the duality in this passage, I would like you to navigate away from this blog pondering the duality of our faith struggles. Mine personally finds ease in the evidence that within lies a struggle. It's duration has become slightly frustrating, but my confidence is in God. If the resultant lack of decent rest and strenuous mind contortion is for my benefit, I say bring the trial and I PRAY God's power in giving me guidance, strength, and refinement throughout the contest. Realistically, there is no contest, I already know who the winner will be.

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