Apr 14, 2008

Good Morning, Good bye!

I've awakened with much excitement, yet feel like I haven't slept in days. Today marks the first day of a much needed "vacation" from work, school, and all the stress. I've worked diligently to get this time off and have chosen to use it wisely. This morning I will be embarking on a six-hour road trip with a friend from up north. We will be attending the Together 4 The Gospel Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Please pray for our road trip, the conference, the teachers, and for fellowship that will be glorifying to God. Also, please pray for a sincere learning experience for all of us attending, that we may become better equipped to serve the people of God! I hope to post while we are gone, but in lieu of being so busy, internet access, and time constraints, please do not hold me to that! I will be back with many wonderful things to share and look forward to posting them for you.

On that note, today's devotion from Spurgeon....

If I once wandered on yon mountain top, and Jesus climbed up and caught me, and put me on his shoulders, and carried me home, I cannot and dare not doubt that He is my Shepherd. If I had belonged to some other sheep owner, he would no have sought me. And from the fact that He did seek, I learn that He must be my Shepherd. Could I trace my deliverance to the hand of a creature, I should think that some creature might be my shepherd; but since he who has been reclaimed of God must confess that God alone has done it, such a one will feel persuaded that the Lord must be his Shepherd, because He brought him, He delivered him.

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