Apr 19, 2008

Back from T4G and Louisville

The Together for the Gospel conference ended yesterday afternoon and so did I! We decided to rent the hotel room one more night and catch up on some rest. I'd have to say it was the most delightful nap I've had in quite awhile. The bonus of the extra night was fellowship with my friend John from Louisville. We haven't see each other in year and a half and we got to just relax and talk. This was a great relief from the hectic conference schedule. There was plenty of great preaching, a lot of free books, and awesome fellowship with friends from around the country. But man was I tired.

After waking this morning, packing, and going to check out of the hotel, we were informed that there was a 5.2 earthquake at about 5:30am. I thought that was interesting and was slightly upset that I slept through it. Weird huh? Well, I am from the Detroit area and the only rumbling I experience are the 747's flying over my house. It's all good in the hood though right? We made it home safe and sound and I'm very challenged and inspired by all that the Lord has done this past week. I'd say the best part was singing glorious hymns and praises to our Savior in a 5000 voice chorus that was shaking the walls. His incredible mercy motivated so many to lift their voices on high and praise the King. Now, that's an audio I'd like to have!

Band Of Bloggers Audio
T4G Conference Audios
Conference Summary
Free Books we received!

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