Apr 14, 2008

Safe and Sound! Now IM EXCITED for T4G!

Thanks be to the Lord for a safe arrival. From Detroit to Louisville is a nice six hour jog and we made great time. I was growing a tad bit weary and was starting to doze near the end (driving always makes me tired). I was revived slightly around lunch time, thanks in part to a stop at SONIC Drive-In. We have the commercials in the Detroit area, but no actual drive-ins. I will say that the commercials are way better than the food.

On that note, I was unsure of how to tip the car-hop, or if we should. We decided to press the call button and have her come back out to get her tip and a Gospel tract. She said thanks and sped back to the employee entrance of the restaurant. It's funny how they skate around with there with their sophisticated non-spill trays that have compartments for all the handy dandy food items. I was talking with my road-mate about how it would be horrible to slam into one of the menu signs with a full tray. I fear I may have spoken too soon. As we were leaving, the young lady glanced at us and smiled, probably because of the Gospel tract we gave her (a million dollar bill), and next thing you know, she hit a crack, stumbled, and slammed chest-first into the menu board. OUCH! I felt so badly for her, on top of the embarrassment and pain, it appeared to be pretty humiliating. I hurried and turned my head so she didn't see that we were observing the entire situation (maybe save some dignity for her), and off we went. I can't help but think what was going on there, but pray for Michelle and the tract. Pray she reads the tract and ignores her slight moment of humiliation in the eyes of men. Pray the Lord softens her heart and brings her to him!

Now, I will be sharing the Gospel with the front desk attendant. She has given me several pointers of the parties in the downtown area, I've yet to reveal to her that I am looking for somewhere to fish for men!

Last but not least! I am growing more and more encouraged as the beginning of the Band of Bloggers and Together for the Gospel conferences draw near. I eagerly anticipate fellowship with so many dedicated men (and some women) who desire to glorify God in the preaching of His Gospel. It is a great priveledge and honor for me to even be here this week. When I think about where I was four short years ago, strung out on Heroin and clinging on to any shred of hope that I could grasp, my heart skips a beat. Then I breathe, and rejoice that the Lord Jesus Christ has saw fit for me to know him! Amen for His mercy and grace!

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Arthur Sido said...

Hey James, good to meet you today at BoB. See you around the conference and then we get back to Detroit.

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