Sep 23, 2011

Oh well Rob Bell…

Lights! Camera! Action!

The blogosphere is going to be buzzing loudly for the next whoever knows how long. Rob Bell, author of the controversial 'Love Wins' has resigned from his position as 'Pastor' at Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI.

Accuse me of cynicism, but for me it is really not farewell. I say Oh well Rob Bell.

Still not really sure one can technically 'resign' as a Pastor. If indeed a Pastor is one who has been given to the Church by God (see Ephesians 4:11-16), then it does not appear logical that one cycles in and out of that position. So, what is really happening is Mr. Bell is leaving Mars Hill and pursuing other interests. If he was given as a Pastor at some point, then he remains a Pastor, that is his function as a gift to the Church.

Granted the impact Rob has had on many a ‘evangelicemergents’ here is a tribute to one of his more infamous videos. A parody of sorts. The original ‘Bull Horn Guy’ lampoons the fundamentalist street preacher who goes out to warn people of their imminent punishment in hell if they do not ‘repent’ and ‘believe.’ The satirist aptly demonstrates the fallacious nature of Bell’s original arguments. The original Bullhorn Guy Video can be watched online here.


Oh well Rob Bell.