Sep 27, 2011

Faith that's quotable: Leonard Ravenhill

This is a really difficult one to pass up, and no this series would not be well served without including brother Leonard Ravenhill.

I remember the first time I heard this man speak. It was via an audio compilation called "The Revival Hymn." His words cut to the heart and spurred motivation in the deepest recesses of my spirit that I never knew existed.

Ravenhill has written a great deal and is looked upon with admiration by many. But one thing Mr. Ravenhill would most likely detest is admiration of him to the neglect of the words he spoke.

Leonard Ravenhill was a powerful bible teacher and prophetic messenger in our time, certainly he possessed a faith that's quotable,

"One said, "If I lead somebody to Christ on the street, which church should I send him to?" (Sending someone to church today is) like taking a newborn baby and putting it in a refrigerator. I want a place that vibrates with God, vibrates with eternity."