Sep 16, 2011

Age segregation in Churches?

I received a press release yesterday from the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches. I have heard of them in passing in the past. I have also heard that the likes of Paul Washer and Voddie Baucham both participate and endorse this organization.

They are also not very well liked by the larger evangelical crowd. One thing they propose is that youth groups, youth pastors, and age-segregated 'worship' are unbiblical. Well, I tend to agree, so I never saw a need to examine their materials or research them beyond that. That is all until I received the release.

Essentially, was surprised me was some of the backlash from prominent evangelical reviewers like Christianity Today,
Christianity Today ran a harsh movie review of the film on their website and likened it to "an angry letter-to-the-editor," calling it "propaganda," "categorically dangerous," and "filled with scare tactics." 
The above quotation can be found in the review.

And directly quoted from the press release,
Another critic of Divided, sounding much like Christianity Today, is a popular, neo-reformed blogger Tim Challies, who recently dismissed the film in an unfavorable review, counseling his readers to stay away from it. "It's a destructive message wrapped in a poorly-made documentary. The church would do well to ignore it," Challies wrote. He lobbed several grenades against the documentary, saying it was "not at all fair," builds a "case on a cliché," and is "not only uncharitable but also utterly ridiculous . . . complete and utter nonsense." 
Tim Challies' review can be found here.

This organization apparently has its home in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I wonder if my friend Alan Knox is acquainted with them?

After reading the negative responses to the movie I decided I would contact the NCFIC and request a copy of the movie. Hopefully it will be here shortly, and I can offer some more thoughts then. I will however, have to strive ardently to discount my personal bias, as our our assembly currently holds meetings with all the children present, something I am finding is cause for alarm by most of the detractors. One of those behind the group, Scott T. Brown, is also the author of the recently released book, "A Weed in The Church." Hopefully, I will be able to review that soon as well.

What do you think of age segregation in your meeting?

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