Sep 10, 2011

Andrey the orphan has a home!

For those who have been following the progress of Andrey, an orphan from the Ukraine, you might be delighted to know he has been adopted! In the original post, asking for assistance financial and prayer support was requested.

In cooperation with the organization Reece's Rainbow, a grant fund was started and the drive for money to be contributed to Andrey's need was initiated. In a few short weeks after the campaign began, Andrey's fund grew significantly from $1,700.00 or so, upward toward $4,000.00 and on.

Through the use of social media, Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, and word of mouth, many people began putting the word out about Andrey, and that he was imminently facing transfer to a horrible institution in which he'd surely languish and regress.

Thanks be to God that Andrey was adopted! If you have interest in helping out another orphan through the Reece's Rainbow granting fund, please visit their website. Also, it is the time of year for Buddy Walks. Walks are taking place in local communities all over the country and raising money for children with Down Syndrome. Walks affiliated with Reece's Rainbow can be found here.

I will be posting more information soon about another child to advocate for. Hopefully, another grant fund can be completed and another one of these children can be blessed with a family of their own!

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