Sep 12, 2011

Featured Sermon Audio: "God's People Are Not Prepared" by Mark S. Case

During my long commutes to work and back, I sometimes listen to messages from the Classics Podcast. I do not always know the speakers I am listening to, nor do I tend to agree with everything they say. But, I do attempt to listen to the message and discern what truth I may. I then pray that the Holy Spirit gives me direction to be motivated and apply what I hear.

This weeks entry, is from Mark S. Case. The message is entitled "God's People Are Not Prepared". This message is mostly topical and contains a reasonable plea to consider our usage of the phrase "Lord come quickly" and "hurry up Lord" while comparing our current state as believers and whether or not we really mean what we say.

The description reads: According to the scriptures, we should have on "the whole armor of God" in order to be able to "stand in the evil day." That day is now, and it is no secret that God's people are not dressed in His whole armor. Also, the scriptures show time and again, that as believers we shall give account of our lives to God. Today, there is no teaching of responsibility with accountability for the believer. God's people are not prepared to stand in the evil day, or to meet God to give an account of responsibility.

You can stream the message or right-click and "save link as" here.
You go directly to the message home page and read comments or play the message from here.

Enjoy, and if you listen to the message, what were your thoughts regarding the speakers perspectives?

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